June 18, 2024

This Friday at Mendenhall Stadium at 8 PM EST (according to John Harrel), an epic encounter is set to unfold in Southern Indiana 2A Regional action. The North Posey Vikings, with an impressive 11-1 record, are set to face the equally formidable Triton Central Tigers, also standing at 11-1. This game, part of the 2023 IHSAA Football State Tournament – Class 2A Regional, promises to be a tactical and physical showcase.

Coaching Mastery and Team Strengths

On the sidelines, two experienced coaches will be orchestrating the battle. Waylon Schenk, with a 51-25 record in his 7th year at North Posey and a 79-49 overall, faces off against Triton Central’s Tim Able, who boasts a 101-36 record in his 11th year and an impressive 226-134 in his 30th year overall. Their experience and tactical acumen will be crucial in this high-pressure game.

Sagarin Ratings place Triton Central at 73.14, ranking them 50th overall and 1st in 2A, while North Posey closely follows with a rating of 70.83, 59th overall and 2nd in 2A. This closely matched ranking sets the stage for a potentially nail-biting encounter.

North Posey’s Dynamic Squad

Leading the charge for North Posey is quarterback Liam Stone, a versatile player who has been instrumental in their offensive strategy. Stone has amassed 77.8 passing yards per game, contributing significantly to their total average of 146.8 yards. Jed Galvin, a key player in the backfield, contributes an impressive 94.5 rushing yards per game and 13.5 points per game. Their defense, known for its speed and athleticism, is anchored by Jace Gauer with 7.7 tackles per game and Zach Blaylock, contributing 0.5 sacks per game​​.

Triton Central’s Formidable Lineup

Triton Central counters with quarterback Jace Stuckey, who has been a cornerstone of their offense, throwing for 212.0 yards per game and totaling 276.6 yards. The Tigers boast a formidable offensive line, setting the stage for their dynamic offensive plays. Brayden Wilkins, contributing 6.5 points per game, and Nick Riggins with 6.3 tackles per game, are pivotal to their strategy. Their balanced approach has been key to their successful season​​.

North Posey’s Sectional 40 Championship win over Paoli

In the championship, the North Posey Vikings secured a defensive victory over Paoli, with a final score of 35-14. Despite facing one Indiana’s top rusher, Trey Rominger, the Vikings’ defense held firm, especially in the first half, taking away the middle ground game early on, and stopping Trey before he could touch the ball.

Rominger, known for his dynamic running, managed 118 rushing yards with 24 carries, but his second-half surge wasn’t enough to overturn North Posey’s dominance. Paoli did show resilience, winning the second half while North Posey’s starters remained in the fray. The Vikings were held scoreless in the second half, but it was a tale of 2 halfs with plenty of mistakes on the Rams side.

North Posey’s offense was spearheaded by Jed Galvin, who had an outstanding game with 96 rushing yards from 12 carries, scoring four touchdowns. His performance was pivotal in establishing and maintaining the Vikings’ lead. Quarterback Liam Stone also made significant contributions, throwing for 65 yards, including a 33-yard touchdown pass to Galvin.

The Vikings’ victory, however, wasn’t just about their offense; their defense played a crucial role, particularly in limiting Paoli’s offensive options. They attacked the interior strong the entire first half, and were quicker than the Rams on the outside. Rams adjusted, but it was not enough.

This win highlighted North Posey’s balanced team strength and set the stage for their upcoming high-stakes game against Triton Central that has the potential to be a high scoring affair. Triton Central will go to the air, which will be an interesting test for the Viking db’s.

Historical Perspective and Prediction

Remarkably, these teams have had no meetings in the last 35 years, making this matchup a first-of-its-kind encounter. The lack of historical encounters adds an element of unpredictability and excitement to the game.

The prediction leans slightly towards Triton Central with a score of 31-28, suggesting a closely contested game that could swing either way. However, in high-stakes games like this, the outcome often hinges on key moments and individual brilliance. I believe the winner of this game will be our repsentitive for Southern Indiana at State in 2A. Southmont with the sleeper vote.


As we approach game time, the anticipation and excitement are palpable. This game is more than just a clash of two teams; it’s a display of skill, strategy, and the passion that defines Indiana high school football. Whether rooting for the Vikings or the Tigers, fans are guaranteed a spectacle of high-quality football from two of the best teams in the state.

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