July 23, 2024

Indianapolis, IND – Mr. Basketball vs. Mr. Basketball. High level D1 commit vs. high level D1 commit. Indiana vs. Kentucky. The annual high school basketball tradition continued Saturday evening at the beautiful Gainbridge Fieldhouse . Indiana looked to avenge their loss in the first game of the series this year last night in Owensboro. They did so, and then some. The Indiana All Stars defeated the Kentucky All Stars .

Indiana came out absolutely lights out on offense and stifling on defense. At one point in the first half it looked as if they weren’t going to let Kentucky score at all. With just over 5 minutes played in the game Indiana led 17-0. Unfortunately Indiana got a little too comfortable and let Kentucky back into it. At the half Indiana held onto a 6 point lead.

Indiana would again come out looking like they had their tails on fire, quickly building the lead back up. Whatever Coach Carlisle said to his team in the locker room must’ve worked. At the under 12 media timeout the lead had ballooned back up to 21. Tensions would begin to rise a bit around the ten minute mark, as Gerard Thomas of Kentucky and Luke Aldmodovar began chirping back and forth. Cooler heads would prevail however after a stern talking to by one of the officials. Indiana would cruise to the easy victory.


Story will be updated with final game statistics at a later time.

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