May 21, 2024
East Central High School Football Top Team in Southern Indiana - SISN Top 25

Welcome to our Southern Indiana Football Top 25 teams for Week 4. We take a look at all Southern Indiana schools and place them in a College like poll. Yes, most 2A teams probably couldn’t beat most 4A teams, we’re not looking at that. We’re looking at how well teams are doing in their class, their record, their hype, and how well they’re doing outside their class. Its not the best, but the whole reason for this poll is to shine light on some of these great Southern Indiana football teams!

The top 4 have remained unchanged since football kicked off, but Linton Stockton drops out of fifth place, down to 15 after their 1-point loss to Monrovia, 27-26. With the win, Monrovia moves from 15 to 11th. Monrovia is going to surprise a lot of teams this season, and I feel like they’re going unnoticed. They follow up the Linton win with another big game at Triton-Central tonight.

We made a mistake the past couple weeks. We had Hanover Central ranked 6th, then we learned that Hanover Central is nowhere near Hanover, Indiana. We mistook them for Southwestern, but after looking for Southwestern I can’t find anything about them. What happened to that team? We fixed the mistake (thank you to the reader who pointed that out) and moved Evansville North up from 14th to 6th.

Vincennes Lincoln makes its first appearance on our list after their big win over Evansville Mater Dei, 20-28. Things seem shaky for Mater Dei to start the season, as they fall 1-2, the 2A state champs may be looking for answers.

Paoli and Tell City are back on the Top 25 this week. I’m liking the numbers I’m seeing from Tell City, and think they’re going to make a splash. There’s a lot of great teams in Sectional 40 at the 2A level, and in my opinion, its one of the toughest to play in this season. Paoli, Perry Central, Tell City, Forest Park, North Posey, Evansville Mater Dei. In my opinion, its very likely that our 2A Southern State representative will come from this sectional again.

Let us know how we did in the comments section below. Also, please vote for your favorite game upcoming in week 4. We’ll have several games that we think are the big clashes in Week 4, and you’ll get to vote for which one will be the best game to watch. Thank you for reading.

Week 4 Southern Indiana Football Top 25 Teams

  1. East Central (4A, 3-0)
  2. Bloomington South (5A, 3-0)
  3. Evansville Memorial (4A, 3-0)
  4. Evansville Reitz (4A, 3-0)
  5. Heritage Hills (3A, 3-0)
  6. Evansville North (5A, 2-1)
  7. Castle (5A, 2-1)
  8. Bloomington North (5A, 3-0)
  9. Brownstown Central (2A, 3-0)
  10. Seymour (5A, 2-1)
  11. Monrovia (3A, 3-0)
  12. Gibson Southern (3A, 2-1)
  13. North Posey (2A, 3-0)
  14. North Harrison (3A, 3-0)
  15. Linton-Stockton (2A, 2-1)
  16. Lawrenceburg (3A, 2-1)
  17. Vincennes Lincoln (3A, 2-1)
  18. Triton Central (2A, 2-1)
  19. Charlestown (3A, 2-1)
  20. Providence (1A, 3-0)
  21. Evansville Mater Dei (2A, 1-2)
  22. Southridge (3A, 2-1)
  23. Tell City (2A, 2-1)
  24. Paoli (2A, 2-1)
  25. Batesville

Others Receiving consideration: Sullivan

Southern Indiana Big Football Games of Week 4

The following game capsules come from John Harrel’s website. They do a great job over there and Indiana sports wouldn’t be the same without the work they put in to keep the stats and schedules updated. Please visit Mr. Harrel’s website to view the full list of Games each Friday. Below the blurbs will be an area for you to vote!

Bloomington South Football 2023
Bloomington North (3-0) at Bloomington South (3-0)
GAME TIME: 7 pm ET, Huff Field.
COACHES: Scott Bless, 86-110 in 19th year at Bloomington North, 102-139 in 24th year overall. Gabe Johnson, 24-9 in 4th year at Bloomington South, 38-19 in 6th year overall.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Bloomington South, 84.68, 20th overall, 3rd in 5A. Bloomington North, 67.34, 74th overall, 14th in 5A.
LAST OUTING: Bloomington North defeated Terre Haute South, 38-28. Bloomington South defeated Terre Haute North, 66-0.
OPPONENTS’ RECORDS: Bloomington North 2-7. Bloomington South 1-8.
SERIES LAST 35 YEARS: Bloomington South, 36-7
LAST MEETING: Bloomington South, 28-7, Nov. 4, 2022, sectional.
jh PREDICTION: Bloomington South, 38-24.

Who wins between Bloomington North (3-0) at Bloomington South (3-0)

Charlestown (2-1) at North Harrison (3-0)
GAME TIME: 7 pm ET, North Harrison.
COACHES: Jason Hawkins, 116-50 in 16th year at Charlestown, 122-63 in 18th year overall. Mark Williamson, 70-49 in 12th year at North Harrison, 86-67 in 15th year overall.
SAGARIN RATINGS: North Harrison, 56.69, 128th overall, 27th in 3A. Charlestown, 53.73, 141st overall, 33rd in 3A.
LAST OUTING: Charlestown defeated Clarksville, 53-20. North Harrison defeated Corydon Central, 42-6.
OPPONENTS’ RECORDS: Charlestown 4-5. North Harrison 2-7.
SERIES LAST 35 YEARS: Charlestown, 33-8
LAST MEETING: Charlestown, 39-13, Sep. 9, 2022.
jh PREDICTION: North Harrison, 35-24.

Who wins between Charlestown (2-1) at North Harrison (3-0)

Evansville Mater Dei (1-2) at Evansville Memorial (3-0)
GAME TIME: 6:30 pm CT, Enlow Field.
COACHES: Mike Goebel, 261-84 in 27th year at Mater Dei. John Hurley, 131-66 in 16th year at Memorial.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Memorial, 81.85, 26th overall, 4th in 4A. Mater Dei, 57.26, 121st overall, 13th in 2A.
LAST OUTING: Mater Dei lost to Vincennes Lincoln, 28-20. Memorial defeated Evansville Central, 56-0.
VS. COMMON FOES: Mater Dei 1-0; Memorial 1-0.
OPPONENTS’ RECORDS: Mater Dei 4-5. Memorial 3-6.
SERIES LAST 35 YEARS: Mater Dei, 27-12
LAST MEETING: Memorial, 22-6, Sep. 9, 2022.
jh PREDICTION: Memorial, 42-7.

Who wins between Evansville Mater Dei (1-2) at Evansville Memorial (3-0)
Evansville North (2-1) at Evansville Reitz (3-0)
GAME TIME: 6:30 pm CT, Reitz Bowl.
COACHES: Joey Paridaen, 24-30 in 6th year at North, 60-63 in 12th year overall. Cory Brunson, 21-15 in 4th year at Reitz, 55-55 in 11th year overall.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Reitz, 82.84, 24th overall, 3rd in 4A. North, 72.8, 52nd overall, 12th in 5A.
LAST OUTING: North defeated Evansville Harrison, 52-12. Reitz defeated Jasper, 24-7.
VS. COMMON FOES: North 1-0; Reitz 1-0.
OPPONENTS’ RECORDS: North 5-4. Reitz 3-6.
SERIES LAST 35 YEARS: Reitz, 27-10
LAST MEETING: Reitz, 38-15, Sep. 9, 2022.
jh PREDICTION: Reitz, 24-17.

Who wins between Evansville North (2-1) at Evansville Reitz (3-0)

Gibson Southern (2-1) at South Warren (Ky.)
GAME TIME: 8 pm ET, South Warren (Ky.).
COACHES: Nick Hart, 117-22 in 12th year at Gibson Southern. .
SAGARIN RATINGS: Gibson Southern, 68.1, 71st overall, 11th in 3A.
LAST OUTING: Gibson Southern defeated Princeton, 56-7.
OPPONENTS’ RECORDS: Gibson Southern 0-3.
SERIES LAST 35 YEARS: Tied, 1-1.
LAST MEETING: Gibson Southern, 28-24, Sep. 9, 2022.

Who wins between Gibson Southern (2-1) at South Warren (Ky.)
Linton-Stockton (2-1) at Sullivan (2-1)
GAME TIME: 7 pm ET, Sportland Field.
COACHES: Brian Oliver, 106-24 in 11th year at Linton. Mike Caton, 9-6 in 2nd year at Sullivan.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Linton, 57.66, 119th overall, 12th in 2A. Sullivan, 51.59, 153rd overall, 21st in 2A.
LAST OUTING: Linton lost to Monrovia, 27-26, OT. Sullivan lost to Northview, 46-13.
OPPONENTS’ RECORDS: Linton 4-2. Sullivan 7-2.
SERIES LAST 35 YEARS: Linton, 24-11
LAST MEETING: Linton, 33-24, Nov. 4, 2022, sectional.
jh PREDICTION: Linton, 35-24.

Who wins between Linton-Stockton (2-1) at Sullivan (2-1)

Monrovia (3-0) at Triton Central (2-1)
GAME TIME: 7 pm ET, Mendenhall Stadium.
COACHES: Andy Olson, 18-20 in 4th year at Monrovia. Tim Able, 92-36 in 11th year at Triton Central, 217-134 in 30th year overall.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Triton Central, 70.72, 60th overall, 1st in 2A. Monrovia, 56.93, 126th overall, 25th in 3A.
LAST OUTING: Monrovia defeated Linton-Stockton, 27-26, OT. Triton Central lost to Indianapolis Lutheran, 43-13.
OPPONENTS’ RECORDS: Monrovia 4-5. Triton Central 6-3.
SERIES LAST 35 YEARS: Triton Central, 7-4
LAST MEETING: Triton Central, 41-10, Sep. 9, 2022.
jh PREDICTION: Triton Central, 31-30.

Who wins between Monrovia (3-0) at Triton Central (2-1)
Paoli (2-1) at Perry Central (1-2)
GAME TIME: 6:30 pm CT, Perry Central.
COACHES: Neil Dittmer, 23-12 in 4th year at Paoli. Greg Gibson, 77-46 in 12th year at Perry Central.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Paoli, 58.31, 114th overall, 9th in 2A. Perry Central, 38.09, 226th overall, 39th in 2A.
LAST OUTING: Paoli defeated Springs Valley, 42-18. Perry Central defeated Crawford County, 60-7.
OPPONENTS’ RECORDS: Paoli 3-6. Perry Central 4-5.
SERIES LAST 35 YEARS: Perry Central, 20-14
LAST MEETING: Perry Central, 49-26, Sep. 9, 2022.
jh PREDICTION: Paoli, 38-21.

Who wins between Paoli (2-1) at Perry Central (1-2)

Seymour (2-1) at Floyd Central (2-1)
GAME TIME: 7 pm ET, Weigleb Stadium.
COACHES: Tyson Moore, 15-18 in 4th year at Seymour. James Bragg, 31-25 in 6th year at Floyd Central.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Floyd Central, 60.71, 102nd overall, 19th in 5A. Seymour, 59.88, 108th overall, 20th in 5A.
LAST OUTING: Seymour defeated Columbus East, 41-26. Floyd Central defeated Silver Creek, 56-28.
OPPONENTS’ RECORDS: Seymour 3-6. Floyd Central 1-5.
SERIES LAST 35 YEARS: Seymour, 13-12
LAST MEETING: Seymour, 22-15, Sep. 9, 2022.
jh PREDICTION: Seymour, 42-38.

Who wins between Seymour (2-1) at Floyd Central (2-1)
Springs Valley (2-1) at West Washington (3-0)
GAME TIME: 7 pm ET, Sanders Field.
COACHES: Jason Lowe, 16-8 in 3rd year at Springs Valley. Jeremy Lowery, 14-8 in 3rd year at West Washington, 42-27 in 7th year overall.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Springs Valley, 41.87, 203rd overall, 19th in 1A. West Washington, 39.9, 213th overall, 22nd in 1A.
LAST OUTING: Springs Valley lost to Paoli, 42-18. West Washington defeated Mitchell, 35-0.
VS. COMMON FOES: Springs Valley 1-0; West Washington 1-0.
OPPONENTS’ RECORDS: Springs Valley 3-6. West Washington 1-8.
SERIES LAST 35 YEARS: West Washington, 23-16
LAST MEETING: West Washington, 38-17, Sep. 9, 2022.
jh PREDICTION: Springs Valley, 31-24.

Who wins between Springs Valley (2-1) at West Washington (3-0)

Southern Indiana Game of the Week

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