May 21, 2024

#7 Cole Burton, QB East Central Trojans. Photo credit to Sandy Mahoney of In Motion Sports Photography

As the IHSAA high school football season enters its sixth week, the Southern Indiana Sports Network has released its Week 6 SISN Top 25 football teams. As expected, there have been shifts, surprises, and stalwarts retaining their grip on the top spots. Let’s break down the notable movements and talking points from Week 5 to Week 6.

Week 6 SISN Top 25

  1. East Central (4A, 5-0)
  2. Evansville Reitz (4A, 5-0)
  3. Bloomington North (5A, 5-0)
  4. Evansville Memorial (4A, 5-0)
  5. Heritage Hills (3A, 5-0)
  6. Bloomington South (5A, 4-1)
  7. Vincennes Lincoln (3A, 4-1)
  8. Brownstown Central (2A, 5-0)
  9. Floyd Central (5A, 4-1)
  10. Lawrenceburg (3A, 4-1)
  11. Gibson Southern (3A, 3-2)
  12. Castle (5A, 3-2)
  13. Providence (1A, 5-0)
  14. North Posey (2A, 4-1)
  15. Evansville North (5A, 3-2)
  16. Southridge (3A, 3-2)
  17. Triton Central (2A, 4-1)
  18. North Harrison (3A, 4-1)
  19. Monrovia (3A, 4-1)
  20. Batesville (3A, 4-1)
  21. Linton-Stockton (2A, 4-1)
  22. Paoli (2A, 4-1)
  23. Jasper (4A, 3-2)
  24. Silver Creek (3A, 3-2)
  25. Bedford North Lawrence (4A, 3-2)

Others Receiving consideration: Evansville Mater Dei, Seymour, Scottsburg, Sullivan, Tell City

The Unyielding East Central Trojans

It’s no surprise that East Central remains the undisputed leader, maintaining its number 1 position for the entire season. At an immaculate 5-0 record, they are the team everyone is chasing and have shown no signs of slowing down. I’ve said it many times before, this Trojans team is basically a college team.

Top Five Consistency

The Top 5 saw no shuffling this week. Evansville Reitz, Bloomington North, Evansville Memorial, and Heritage Hills have all managed to sustain their winning streaks, mirroring East Central’s performance.

Floyd Central’s Climb

Floyd Central has taken a step ahead, moving from 13th in Week 5 to an impressive 9th position in Week 6. Their 4-1 record is setting them up as a team to watch closely in the upcoming weeks.

Newcomers and Returns

Silver Creek and Bedford North Lawrence have entered the Top 25 spotlight at the 24th and 25th positions, respectively. With both teams sitting at 3-2, they are proving they have what it takes to rub shoulders with the elites of Southern Indiana football.

Drops and Rises

  • Lawrenceburg made a leap from 14th to 10th, cementing their status as a top-tier team.
  • Gibson Southern showed resilience, rising from 20th to 11th, while coming into their postseason form.
  • Conversely, North Posey and North Harrison both saw a drop, with the former going from 9th to 14th and the latter sliding from 11th to 18th. North Posey put up a great game against Heritage Hills. They weren’t able to score, but held HH to only ten points. North Posey is going to surprise some teams in the 2A sectional this year.

Others to Watch

Keep an eye on the teams that are on the cusp of breaking into the Top 25. With Evansville Mater Dei, Seymour, Scottsburg, Sullivan, and Tell City all receiving consideration, we might see more shakeups in the upcoming weeks. Even though Mater Dei has only won 1 game this season, they’re playing teams at the 4A and 5A level. Once sectionals come around, and those tough games behind their belt, the 2A teams they’ll have to play won’t prove as much as a challenge.

While East Central continues its reign at the top, Week 6 has again proven that every game counts. The energy, spirit, and competitive nature of the Southern Indiana high school football scene remain unmatched. As teams continue to jostle for better positions, fans are in for a treat with each passing week. Stay tuned to SISN for all the latest updates and in-depth analysis!

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