May 21, 2024

Week 7 SISN Top 25 Southern Indiana Football Recap

In this article, we recap the Week 7 performances for every football team in Southern Indiana, based on their sectional pairing. Including sectional rankings and our latest Southern Indiana Football Top 25 list. Be sure to scroll the entirety of the article to see in-depth analysis and commentary on Southern Indiana High School football.

The 2022 IHSAA High School Football season is moving by quickly. Teams are preparing for week 8 and the upcoming sectional draws. The divides grow in each sectional pairing, and we’re all hyped for that tournament to start! Let’s get that hype train going for Southern Indiana football.

In this article, we recap the Week 7 performances for every football team in Southern Indiana, based on their sectional pairing. Including sectional rankings and our latest Southern Indiana Football Top 25 list. Be sure to scroll the entirety of the article to see in-depth analysis and commentary on Southern Indiana High School football.

Top 25 Southern Indiana Football Teams Week 7

  1. Evansville Reitz (4A)
  2. Gibson Southern (3A)
  3. East Central (4A)
  4. Martinsville (4A)
  5. Owen Valley (3A)
  6. Linton (2A)
  7. Bloomington South (5A)
  8. Lawrenceburg (3A)
  9. Tecumseh (1A)
  10. Providence (1A)
  11. Evansville Mater Dei (2A)
  12. Vincennes Lincoln (3A)
  13. South Dearborn (3A)
  14. Charlestown (3A)
  15. Centerville (3A)
  16. Southridge (3A)
  17. Seymour (5A)
  18. Triton Central (2A)
  19. North Decatur (1A)
  20. Perry Central (2A)
  21. North Posey (2A)
  22. Indian Creek (3A)
  23. Jasper (4A)
  24. Tri (1A)
  25. Paoli (2A)

Week 7 Recaps for each IHSAA Sectional Pairing

Sectional 15

Columbus East, Bloomington South, Bloomington North, Seymour

“Monroe Bowl”

SISN Ranking

  1. Bloomington South
  2. Seymour
  3. Bloomington North (4)
  4. Columbus East (3)

IHSAA 5A Football Sectional 15 is basically set and we feel our Sectional rankings are right on the money. Bloomington South is the clear favorite and one the best teams in Southern Indiana. Seymour, though, has been impressive and jumped right up the charts. I’m not sure anyone forecasted Seymour sitting at 5-2 nearing seasons end.

Columbus East suffers another setback with a loss to Bloomington North. Many of our readers have been cheering for Columbus, and they still may get a chance to win the sectional.

Sectional 16

Castle, Evansville North, Floyd Central, New Albany

SISN Ranking

  1. Castle
  2. Evansville North
  3. Floyd Central
  4. New Albany

Castle suffers a crazy loss to Jasper last Friday, which I’m sure no one called. This Castle loss is the third on the season, and I’m sure there are a lot of questions in the air. The loss also pushes them off our Top 25 list. No fear though, the competition level is not the greatest in Sectional 16, and Castle is still the favorite to win. Evansville North will put up a big fight though.  

Sectional 23

Bedford North Lawrence, East Central, Edgewood, Greenwood, Jennings County, Martinsville, Shelbyville, Silver Creek

“Crossroads Bowl”

SISN Ranking

  1. East Central
  2. Martinsville
  3. BNL (4)
  4. Silver Creek (3)
  5. Greenwood
  6. Jennings County
  7. Shelbyville
  8. Edgewood

IHSAA Football 4A Sectional 23 features teams all over Southern Indiana, and a little into central. It’s a mess honestly, not sure how it came together.

East Central is everyone’s favorite to win this sectional, but we like what we’re seeing from Martinsville. Martinsville has been playing great all season and shown that it can handle the best of teams. The Artisans season has been one of our favorites to watch this season.

After those top 2 teams, the strength goes down slightly. BNL has had flashes of success, but this isn’t the year for them, as there is just too much at the top.  

Sectional 24

Boonville, Evansville Bosse, Evansville Central, Evansville Harrison, Evansville Memorial, Evasnville Reitz, Jasper

“Evans Bowl”

SISN Ranking

  1. Evansville Reitz
  2. Jasper (5)
  3. Boonville (4)
  4. Evansville Memorial (3)
  5. Evansville Harrison
  6. Evansville Central
  7. Evansville Bosse

Jasper surprises everyone in Southern Indiana after they take down Castle by 1 point in Week 7. The win also propels Jasper up to the number 2 spot in this sectional pairing. This win really turns a lackluster season around for Jasper.

Evansville Reitz continues their domination of the Evans Bowl, beating the former number 2, Evansville Memorial. Reitz is our pick for Number 1 team in Southern Indiana, we feel that they will win this Sectional.

Sectional 30

Gibson Southern, Mt. Vernon, Pike Central, Princeton, Owen Valley, Vincennes Lincoln, West Vigo

SISN Ranking

  1. Gibson Southern
  2. Owen Valley
  3. Vincennes Lincoln
  4. Mt. Vernon
  5. West Vigo
  6. Washington
  7. Pike Central
  8. Princeton

Southern Indiana IHSAA 3A football has got to be the most exciting class in Southern Indiana football. At least that’s my opinion. There is just so many good teams in 3A, that it’s bound to be an explosive November.

Sectional 30 features two powerhouses and favorites to move far in the tournament, Gibson Southern and Owen Valley. A lot of our readers are still surprised by how good Owen Valley is, a lot of those readers still questioning if they are the real deal. We know Owen Valley is great, we’ve known that since before the preseason started. Once we received word of how they performed in their preseason scrimmage.

Can they beat Gibson Southern or Vincennes Lincoln? Everyone would probably tell you no way, that Owen Valley would get crushed. We’re rooting for the underdog. Historically, we would give the favor to Gibson Southern, who is the safe pick.

Sectional 31

Batesville, Centerville, Franklin County, Greensburg, Indian Creek, Lawrenceburg, Rushville, South Dearborn

SISN Ranking

  1. Lawrenceburg
  2. South Dearborn
  3. Centerville
  4. Indian Creek
  5. Franklin County
  6. Rushville
  7. Greensburg
  8. Batesville

Honestly, I wish we knew more personally about the teams in this sectional. Their locations are far from our local area, and we just do not get much opportunity to learn about them. Lawrenceburg is obviously the clear favorite to win the sectional, but South Dearborn and Centerville are sitting pretty. Indian Creek gets a big win over a slumping Brownstown Central team, who just isn’t the same team they’ve historically been.

Sectional 32

Charlestown, Corydon Central, Heritage Hills, Madison, North Harrison, Salem, Scottsburg, Southridge

“Heritage Bowl”

SISN Ranking

  1. Charlestown
  2. Southridge
  3. North Harrison
  4. Corydon Central
  5. Heritage Hills
  6. Salem
  7. Scottsburg

In Sectional 32 IHSAA football, one of the most southern Sectionals we cover, Charlestown still remains at the top. We had a lot of high praise for this sectional pairing in the beginning of the season. We got a lot of criticism for our early hype, and yes, we did have to bite our tongues when we had Charlestown as the best team in Southern Indiana.

We overshot that a little, but they are still good, and a very exciting team. I’d say that this sectional has some of the most exciting football teams to watch in Southern Indiana. Southridge, North Harrison, Heritage Hills, and even Corydon Central are all explosive teams.

Speaking of Corydon Central, they gave a little scare to Charlestown in Week 7. After watching Corydon play Paoli early in the season, I could see the potential they had. This might not be their year, but I see big things coming to the program.  

I’m not sure who’s going to win this sectional, honestly I think Southridge may come out on top.

A short note on the retrieving Madison data, or our inability to. It has to do with the way I’ve designed my database that connects all this data. Madison has two schools with hyphens in the name. The way my code is working, its messing up with those hyphens and throwing things off. I haven’t had the time to go back into the code this season and find the fix. I apologize for that.

  • Madison (Data N/A at this time)

Sectional 37

Cascade, Greencastle, Linton-Stockton, North Knox, North Putnam, South Vermillion, Southmont, Sullivan

“Coal Bowl”

SISN Ranking

  1. Linton-Stockton
  2. Southmont
  3. South Vermillion
  4. Greencastle (6)
  5. North Knox (4)
  6. Sullivan (5)
  7. Cascade
  8. North Putnam

Greencastle football takes a jump in Sectional 37, from 6 up 4, in a win over Cloverdale. North Knox gets another loss, sending them into a losing record for 2022. Edgewood continues to get trounced this season in a big loss to Sullivan, who’s season has been sporadic this year. This Sullivan team is hard to judge, but that won’t matter as this is Linton’s sectional to lose.  

We’re not counting out Southmont or South Vermillion, which appear to be good teams, but we know that Linton is great, and so does that rest of the State, as they’re ranked number 1 in 2A in those other polls.

Sectional 39

Brown County, Brownstown Central, Christel House Manual, Clarksville, Eastern (Pekin), Switzerland County, Triton Central

“Hilltop Bowl”

SISN Ranking

  1. Scecina
  2. Triton Central
  3. Brownstown Central
  4. Christel House Manual
  5. Switerland County
  6. Clarksville
  7. Eastern (Pekin)
  8. Brown County

Its our first year getting this informed about Southern Indiana football, so admittedly it took us a minute to learn how good some teams really are. And Scecina is a pretty good team.

We get a lot of contention for including teams from this pairing. We’ve stopped including Scecina in our Top 25, because yes, they aren’t in the Southern part of the state. But, we have kept Triton Central in there.

We make the Southern Indiana Top 25 rankings based off of teams in Southern Indiana Sectionals. Regardless of all the endless arguments and gripes we get, how can you contest that this isn’t a Southern Indiana sectional? And yes, Triton is worried about Scecina, obviously, but they’re still going to be worried about Mater Dei. Just like they were last year when they had to face them in Regional.

I digress, some people on social media have been getting me on edge, making it hard to stay my civil self. Especially when they tell me to “leave it at that point”. So, if you made it this far in the reading, I’m hope you enjoyed my little vent session there.

Back to Sectional 39. Triton Central or Scecina Memorial will win this Sectional group.

Sectional 40

Crawford County, Evansville Mater Dei, Forest Park, Mitchell, North Posey, Paoli, Perry Central, Tell City

“Patoka Bowl”

SISN Ranking

  1. Mater Dei
  2. Perry Central
  3. North Posey
  4. Paoli
  5. Tell City
  6. Mitchell
  7. Forest Park
  8. Crawford County

IHSAA 2A Sectional 40 is going to be interesting come sectional time. Evansville Mater Dei continues to be the front runner, and clear target for anyone in the group. Perry Central, North Posey and Paoli are all capable, but will they be capable enough to handle that Mater Dei passing attack when the time comes?

These Sectional 40 teams are run heavy teams, who haven’t faced competent passing attacks often. Mater Dei has one of the best passing teams around, so it’ll be something a lot of these teams just aren’t accustomed too.

I give props to the Crawford County team for sticking with it this season. Their game against Paoli was rough, but they continued to give effort and the Wolf Pack should be commended on that alone. There’s some size on that team, but it looked like there were about 20 players. It’s a shame that they’re playing in 2A, and that’s there’s not more interest in their team.   

Sectional 46

Cambridge City Lincoln, Edinburgh, Knightstown, Milan, North Decatur, South Decatur, Tri

SISN Ranking

  1. North Decatur
  2. Tri
  3. Milan
  4. Edinburgh
  5. South Decatur
  6. Knightstown
  7. Cambridge City Lincoln

In sectional grouping 46, the rankings stay the same. North Decatur gets a strong win over North Daviess. The Cougars had been trending up in the last few weeks, and are a good 1A team, better then what anyone would have expected. North Decatur getting the win cements their place among the best in the 1A Bracket. Probably not as good as Providence or Tecumseh, but they’ll make a good showing come tournament time.

Edinburgh has been on a downward spiral after having their best start in 70 years. Not sure what’s going on out there, but it doesn’t seem to be going right.  

Sectional 48

Eastern Greene, North Daviess, Providence, Rock Creek Academy, South Spencer, Springs Valley, Tecumseh, West Washington

“Backwoods Bowl”

Sectional 48 Points Differential and Win Loss Records

SISN Ranking

  1. Tecumseh
  2. Providence
  3. North Daviess
  4. Springs Valley
  5. West Washington
  6. South Spencer
  7. Eastern Greene

Sectional 48 features some of the best 1A football teams in Southern Indiana. One of these teams will be facing Lutheran at some point on the way to State. Most likely Providence, but Tecumseh may get up there to. Depends on who escapes this sectional.

I have a lot of love for teams in this sectional, especially Eastern Greene and Springs Valley. Its not Eastern’s year this year, and it may have been Springs Valley if they were in a different sectional grouping and didn’t have such a tough schedule. The Blackhawks got a small taste of what to expect come sectional time in their loss to Tecumseh.

We’re picking Providence to win this Sectional.

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