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SISN All December Team 2022 Indiana Basketball IHSAA
IHSAA - Southern Indiana Basketball "All December Team". Best basketball players from Southern Indiana. Vote now for favorite player and teams!

Southern Indiana Basketball is about to get real exciting entering the month of January, but we wanted to take a step back and shine some recognition on players from the month of December. In this article, we’re going to share our SISN All December Team. Below that, we’ll have two polls to vote in. One for “Fan Favorite Player of December 2022” and one for “Favorite Team in December”.

The pool of players to vote for will come from our All December team. We have watched many of these players, or we’ve heard of them through the grapevine. Regardless, they come from good teams and are some absolute ballers. Though the teams and players may be more biased to our area around Bloomington, Indiana, we’ve tried to branch out as much as we can.

We decided to limit 1 player per team, so that we wouldn’t split the votes up for the school.

Southern Indiana Basketball “All December Team” 2022

PG – Jaylen Mullen, North Daviess
SG – Josiah Dunham, Evansville Christian
SF – Joey Hart, Linton-Stockton
PF – Jack Benter, Brownstown Central
C – Trent Sisley, Heritage Hills
6 – Ian Hall, Orleans
7 –
Peyton Bledsoe, Loogootee
8 –
Caleb Dewey, Edinburgh
9 –
Deion Edwards, Springs Valley
10 –
Trey Rominger, Paoli
11 –
Lane Hoeffler, West Washington

Could you imagine this group of players on an AAU team? Domination. If I was coaching this bunch, it would be constant attack on both sides of the ball. Quick offense, with 1 or 2 pass then gun. Press would be on the entire game.

So players reading this, if you aren’t committed to a team, lets get us a couple more coaches and lets win some tournaments. We’ll sponsor the team. Let’s do this!

I don’t have these players in their traditional position, I placed them how I would use them on a team. Jaylen Mullen and Josiah Dunham are two of the best point guards around and would be interchangeable at the point. They’re quick, can shoot, and love getting their team involved. I couldn’t think of two better players leading the backcourt.

Jaylen Mullen North Daviess Basketball 2022
Jaylen Mullen North Daviess Basketball 2022

With Joey Hart, Jack Benter, and Trent Sisley – you have a lot of size and a lot of talent. The college scouts probably consider these three guys as the top players coming out of the South. Benter would rotate into the point guard position, to free up the others, but with his height and shooting ability I would have him moving from the three point line and back door cuts the whole game. Either you focus on Benter, or you get dumped on by Sisley or Hart.

Ian Hall fills in my Sixth Man. He and his Orleans team are some athletic, all over the court, shooting type of players. Any given night there could be a new 20+ scorer for Orleans, they’re just so versatile, and I think with Hall’s height and tenacity he’d be a great man to come off the bench and contribute at the forward position.

Orleans Bulldogs' Ian Hall 12
Orleans Bulldogs’ Ian Hall 12

Peyton Bledsoe from Loogootee has such a smooth shot. He’s a big guy but moves like a guard. Its that shot, a cold-blooded dagger of a shot, that really shines in his game. Dude is smooth and has the heart of a winner. He’s going to be a final second type of guy on the team.

We haven’t been able to watch Caleb Dewey or Lane Hoeffler yet, but we follow their stats and talk with their coaches. We know they’re top talent and deserved to be mentioned on the “All December Team”.

Deion Edwards and Trey Rominger round out the 3 of our players that made this team from Orange County. Edwards is a high flying Sophomore for Springs Valley that isn’t afraid to attack the middle. He’s even probably teamed up with a few of these guys on the AAU circuit.

Trey Rominger comes out of Paoli. A team that features another great player in Fletcher Cole. It was a hard choose one over the other, but we went with Trey for his size and to utilize him as a PF or cutting SF. The Rams are one of our main teams, so we love every player on this team. So don’t worry Fletcher, we see you, and you know you’d be on this fictitious AAU team as well.

These players are our choice for Players of the Month for December. Our “All December Team 2022”. Now its your turn to vote for your favorite player from this list. Below that, you can also vote for your favorite team. We won’t be able to get every Southern Indiana team on the ballot, but we’ll feature most of them where our readership is strong.

We will present a Trophy Plaque like we did last year to the winning player and winning team. Have fun voting, and remember to please like and share our content on social media. Thank you for reading!

Vote for Fan Favorite Boys Basketball Player of December

Voting ends Monday, January 9th at 6:00 PM eastern time. Voting is restricted to One vote per IP Address.

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Who was your favorite Southern Indiana Basketball player from the list below?
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Vote for your favorite Southern Indiana Basketball Boys Basketball team of December 2022

Voting ends Monday, January 9th at 6:00 PM eastern time. Some of our readers like to vote and get into the competition with other teams. So for the Favorite Team vote, we’re going to open it up to vote as many times as you want. Have fun, go crazy!

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What team was your favorite Southern Indiana Boys Basketball team of December 2022
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  1. Jennings county at Brownstown Central tonight!

    Center Grove home tomorrow night

    This JC group are solid
    If they win both they may be top 4 or 5 in 4A

  2. SISN
    With JC setting school record with a 10-0 start has to be your December team!
    Different class
    But would love to see North Davies and JC play!

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