April 24, 2024
Logan Wilson North Daviess Cougars Basketball 2022

Logan Wilson North Daviess Cougars Basketball 2022

North Daviess Cougars boys basketball team gets the win over the Orleans Bulldogs, 40-51. IHSAA Southern Indiana Basketball News - SISN

The Cougars have played several number one ranked team’s this year. They like the challenge, knocking others down a peg, but they knew Orleans would be tough.

Orleans is a great defensive team with a lot of shooters. North Daviess keyed on shutting down those shooters, maybe allowing a few threes, but nothing else. The North Daviess Cougars basketball team gets the win over the Orleans Bulldogs, 40-51. It was a tough battle, and a fun one to watch. Two teams that play similar basketball.

North Daviess won the tip, but got off to sluggish start as Orleans instantly lived up their namesake defense. Both teams flop a pair of turnovers to start things off, but it was North Daviess who struck first with a quick three on their second possession.

Orleans utilized a five out type of set early, stretching the North Daviess out with cross court passes. They would get a lot of open looks at the three, but they tried to push downlow a few times and it wasn’t happening for them.

The Bulldogs eventually ignored the post and found some rhythm at the three from Blake Love and Rylan Crocker. Crocker checked into the game and straight away dropped a dime.

North Daviess held their own, it felt like they were testing the waters for most of the first half, finding gaps in Orleans defense. The Cougars attacked downlow often, and when they missed they got the second chance point or a foul.

It was back and forth in the first quarter; each team was responding well to each other. Ian Hall finished the quarter in exciting fashion with a buzzer beating three from the corner. It didn’t look like Orleans was going to pull anything off, and Ian comes out of nowhere to hit the shot. North Daviess is up at the end of the first, 11-13.

The first few plays in the second quarter got physical. The refs called Orleans for several reach in fouls. They were clean fouls, but the Bulldog fans were not happy. Orleans starts to build momentum and grabs their first and only lead of the night after Blake Loves nails a quick three, putting Orleans up 14-13 around the four minute mark.

After that, it turned into the Wilson Brother’s show, as the Cougars started their rally. Logan Wilson was a force. Getting second chance points. Hitting threes. Finding his brother or other team mates, and just attacking. Logan would finish the night with 21 points. Lance with 11.

Near the end of the half, Orleans slowed down the game. The guards pulled back to half court, and tried to stretch the court passing back and forth. This is something North Daviess does a lot themselves, and something they know how to cover.

This change of tactics for Orleans didn’t work out well for them, and I think it really killed any motivation they had. North Daviess got a trap nearly every possession, and cornered Orleans several times. Disrupting their last several plays.

It was another last second shot from Orleans’ Carter Allen that finished the half, with Orleans still close, down 19-21.

Alston and Stickles went aggressive at each other to start the third half, battling for position downlow. Alston didn’t back down and got some stops.

Orleans moved back to a more aggressive offensive, attacking the middle. Their guys were getting some space and finding open shots. They would get some, but many were falling short. Orleans was getting back well on defense and stopping the first attempts, but like earlier, it was the second chance opportunities for North Daviess that were winning the game.

North Daviess was starting to pull away midway through the third. Logan Wilson would have 12 with 4:12 left in the third. The entire Cougar squad was finding harmony and passing well. It was a quick one two punch and suddenly, the Cougars are up 21-30.

Orleans’ Ian Hall started to heat up near the end of the third, but North Daviess was just able to play smart basketball and respond. It would end up being a defensive battle, with North Daviess winning 40-51.

Orleans’ Ian Hall would finish with 15 points. Love with 12. Crocker with 5.

North Daviess’ Logan Wilson finished with 17, Lance Wilson with 11. Brower with 8.

Orleans moves to 14-2 with the loss, but still a prominent threat in Southern Indiana. I still them with a strong chance to represent Southern Indiana in the 1A IHSAA championship game.

North Daviess moves to 16-3 with another impressive win. They look to play Bloomfield next week, and another chance to knock out another high ranked opponent.

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