June 18, 2024

Through all the social media chatter.

Through all the media outlets questioning their decision to move to 3A instead of 2A.

Through all the ups and downs of this season.

The North Daviess Cougars fought through it all and once again are Sectional Champions.

North Daviess Sectional 31 Champions

The Cougars handled the Washington Hatchets to the tune of 42-28 to claim their second straight sectional crown, and their first in 3A. They did it with their defense tonight. They started off the game in a match-up 2-3 which bothered the Hatchets into some tough shots and untimely turnovers. Then, just when Washington thought they had that figured out, they switched to man to man. They kept the Hatchets on their toes the entire game and Washington just didn’t have an answer for the intensity the Cougars brought on D.

They don’t like it, our kids don’t like that I stress it so much. Ya know all teams wanna outscore people. But you’ve seen enough of these. When you get to the tournament its about possessions, it’s about defending, it’s about rebounding. So we worked on that all year.

Brent Dalrymple/Head Coach North Daviess
North Daviess defending Washington

On the other end of the floor, North Daviess sliced and diced right through the Washington D and either got easy shots at the rim or kicked it out for the open 3. Jaylen Mullen and company were on point tonight. The best thing about this team offensively is all the weapons that they have. Jaylen Mullen is always gonna get his, but it’s his “supporting cast” if you can even call them that, that push this team over the edge from good to great. This was on full display tonight. Jaylen led all scorers with 14. Brendan “Sticks” Stickles added 9 and Logan and Lance Wilson both contributed 7 a piece.

This is as complete a team offensively as I’ve seen all year and if they can bring the heat on D like they did tonight, they may not just be back to back sectional champs, they may be back to back state champs.

Ya you know we’re gonna enjoy this one tonight. JR Crew texted me and sent me a picture of his trunk, we got some fireworks to light off. We set a firework off in this beautiful building.

Jaylen Mullen/PG North Daviess Cougars

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