July 23, 2024
Game Story - Northwood Panthers win the 3A IHSAA Boys Basketball State Championship over Guerin Cathloic Golden Eagles - SISN Sports News

Gainbridge Fieldhouse is a little bit more packed for the 3A IHSAA Boy Basketball Championship, its real loud, and they’re screaming from the nosebleeds. Both fans made quite the impression and it’s the first time we’ve had our ears hurt during the State finals. Opening tip-offs are about to kick off and this place its erupting with excitement. Let’s go.

Guerin Catholic had the opening tip, but wasn’t able to capitalize as the game got started. It was Brenner from Northwood to get the first bucket of the game, by way of a wide open three. Then, he followed it up with another one to make it a 6-0 game very early on for Northwood.

We’ve seen this Northwood play in the Hall of Fame classic, and we know they’re good and a very well coached team. They went quickly went up 8-0 within the first minute. Northwood attacked quick and pulled away even quicker. Northwood’s Cade Brenner was off to a hot start scoring all of Northwood 8 points in the opening minute of the game.  

The first quarter was rough for Guerin Central, as Northwood just couldn’t seem to miss a shot, Northwood would finish the first quarter up 18-7.

The second quarter started with a little bit more fight from the Guerin Catholic, but Northwood was still on a shooting spree. It was number 3, Brenner,  from Northwood, who basically hit everything he took with 17 points at the 4 minute mark of the second.

It was Northwood’s game from the very beginning, and they led 32-19 with 2:43 seconds left in the first half. Northwood’s Cade Brenner, a 6’3” senior guard, was just having his way with 7-10 shooting, and 20 points at that point in the second.

The second half ended with Northwood up 35 to 27. Cade Brenner finished the half with 23 points, on 8-11 shooting. Guerin Catholic finished the half shooting well, shooting 58.8% for the half. The Golden Eagles were just hit with a quick, proficient display of shooting, and they couldn’t keep up. Kameo Chandler, a 5’11” senior guard lead Guerin Catholic with 8 points at the end of the half.

The game felt like Northwood had a much larger lead going into half, but somehow the Golden Eagles kept it within 8.

The third quarter got off to a slower start, allowing the Golden Eagles to climb back into game, digging little by little into the Northwood lead. As the game went, Northwood always seemed to have that responding answer. The third ended with Northwood up 44 to 35.

The fourth quarter started off belonging to Guerin Catholic, bringing the game within five points with 5 minutes to go at 43 to 48. Northwood’s hot start fell off in the second half, and it was the Golden Eagles who brought the fight in the second, edging slowly away at the lead. Kamea Chandler remained a focal point for GC, with 13 points. Jack Cherry added 12 at that point of the game.

Cade Brenner from Northwood, who had a hot start in the first half, failed to score any points in the second half. GC was taking over, and it was a tied game with a minute left, at 52.

The game goes to overtime, the Golden Eagles outscoring Northwood 17-8 in the fourth to tie it up.

Ian Raasch and Tyler Raasch kept Northwood in the game in the second half, with 11 and 12 points each.

It was Northwood who started overtime strong, pulling away with an early 57 to 53 lead, with 2:45 seconds to go. The spark that had left the Panthers in the second, was rekindling, and the momentum was all theirs until the end of the game.

Northwood would win the game in overtime after Guerin Catholic had a chance to tie it up, but lost it out bounds, racking up a turnover that would plague them. The final score, Northwood 66 to 63, and a game that was a classic to watch.

For Northwood, Cade Brenner would lead all scorers with 27 points. Tyler Raasch had 14 points, 13 rebounds, Ian Raasch had 13 points.

For Guerin Catholic, Kamea Chandler would finish with 22 points. Jack Cherry would add 15.

Congratulations to Northwood for winning the 3A IHSAA State Championship basketball game, the first in their school’s history.

Next up is the 4A game, where IU Coach Woodson, MSU Coach Izzo, and Kentucky coach Calipari are waiting in attendance to watch.

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