May 21, 2024
Bloomington South Football 2023

This Southern Indiana Top 25 poll will be similar to last year, in that we will include teams from all classes from Southern Indiana. The poll will look at their current success, and how they are performing against teams out of their class. Or how they would do with teams out of their class. This poll isn’t perfect, nor all defining. It is for entertainment and conversation purposes only, so let us know your thoughts below!

Southern Indiana Top 25

  1. East Central (4A)
  2. Bloomington South (5A)
  3. Evansville Memorial (4A)
  4. Evansville Reitz (4A)
  5. Martinsville (4A)
  6. Hanover Central (3A)
  7. Evansville Mater Dei (2A)
  8. Linton Stockton (2A)
  9. Evansville North (5A)
  10. Triton Central (2A)
  11. Boonville (4A)
  12. Gibson Southern (3A)
  13. Lawrenceburg (3A)
  14. Heritage Hills (3A)
  15. Castle (5A)
  16. Brownstown Central (2A)
  17. North Posey (2A)
  18. Sullivan (2A)
  19. Lawrenceburg (3A)
  20. Charlestown (3A)
  21. Southridge (3A)
  22. Providence (1A)
  23. Monrovia (3A)
  24. Paoli (2A)
  25. Tell City (2A)

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