April 24, 2024

Welcome to our SISN Top 25 Poll for Southern Indiana high school football. It’s week 3 now, and we’re starting to get a better grasp of the teams. East Central is obviously the best in Southern Indiana. All the polls I’ve seen have them up there, and they’re going to remain at our top spot for week 3. I don’t think many could argue that fact.

There’s a lot of hype in Bloomington as South and North are playing good football. The Cougars would like to get their first win against South, after 3 straight losses. There’s always talent down in Evansville, which a lot of us don’t get to experience, but they have their own mecca going on down there. Really solid teams in Memorial and Reitz, but I was surprised to see Mater Dei take such a loss.

The top spot is still going to the mini college team, East Central Trojans, and I don’t see them falling.

SISN Top 25 – Southern Indiana IHSAA Football

  1. East Central (4A, 2-0)
  2. Bloomington South (5A, 2-0)
  3. Evansville Memorial (4A, 2-0)
  4. Evansville Reitz (4A, 2-0)
  5. Linton-Stockton (2A, 2-0)
  6. Hanover Central (3A, 2-0)
  7. Heritage Hills (3A, 2-0)
  8. Castle (5A, 1-1)
  9. Triton Central (2A, 2-0)
  10. Bloomington North (5A, 2-0)
  11. Brownstown Central (2A, 2-0)
  12. Seymour (5A, 1-1)
  13. North Harrison (3A, 2-0)
  14. Evansville North (5A, 1-1)
  15. Monrovia (3A, 2-0)
  16. Gibson Southern (3A, 1-1)
  17. North Posey (2A, 2-0)
  18. Forest Park (2A, 2-0)
  19. Evansville Mater Dei (2A, 1-1)
  20. Sullivan (2A, 2-0)
  21. Southridge (3A, 1-1)
  22. Lawrenceburg (3A, 1-1)
  23. Charlestown (3A, 1-1)
  24. Martinsville (4A, 1-1)
  25. Providence (1A, 2-0)

Others Receiving consideration: Boonville, Jennings County, Batesville, Paoli, Madison-Grant, Tell City

Let us know what you think of our SISN Top 25. Our main goal for this poll is to help Southern Indiana schools get more notice. It may not be perfect, and by no way do we think we’re experts, but we’re getting a little better, I hope. Enjoy, send us a comment, and please share, and all that other social media stuff.

Vote for Southern Indiana Top 25 Favorite Team

Your school may not be up there, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t vote for a team, who do you think is the best? Who has the best mascot? If your team is up there, make sure to round up the fans and let them know to come vote. It may only be bragging rights for now, but that’s still fun. After this post, I’ll be releasing the Player of the Week vote, stay tuned for that.

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  1. Hanover Central is nowhere near Southern Indiana. If you’re thinking Hanover, IN, that HS (Southwestern) is currently undefeated for their entire existence.

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