May 21, 2024
Paoli Rams Football singing their School Song, a tradition after each win.

Paoli Rams Football singing their School Song, a tradition after each win.

Paoli Rams vs Corydon Central Panthers Recap and Boxscore; Orange Bowl - Springs Valley vs Paoli Preview - SISN Football News

Post Update Note: I’ve redacted some of the information about the refs. I read over my words again, and yes, they were uncalled for. I can’t take that back, I have my feelings, and sometimes they’re wrong. We’ve also been made aware that the some of the stats are wrong. The teams software has been messing up the last two games, but I have let them know. Thank you for updating us.

Rams vs Corydon Central Panthers.  It’s taken a week to figure out what I’d write about last Friday. Trying to come up with the words to make it as positive as possible. But I might as well keep it real, it was a mess of a night. And those of you who were there, probably nod your head to that sentiment.

It was hot. Plain and simple. The heat index was over 105 degrees, so they had to delay the game until it got down below that. Then, a thunderstorm decides to roll through, and every lightning strike delayed the game longer. Kick off rolls around at 9:30 pm, with Paoli receiving the ball. The Rams basically controlled it from there.

The Rams were up 30-0 by the first quarter, after that the game was over because it turned into chaos. Dane Padgett had a big night with a TD on the first and second drive of the game. The first one came with a 47-yard run, the second with a 61-yard. He would finish the night with 5 carries, 131 yards and 2 touchdowns. Dane has also been nominated a SISN Player of the Week for his performance, so make sure to vote for him if you haven’t already.

Fletcher Cole also came to play, adding 2 touchdowns as well. Cole finished with 6 carries for 72 yards, 3/5 passing for 27 yards, and 2 rushing TDs. He had a couple big runs called back. He looked comfortable at the helm, showcasing some good footwork on his big runs, and getting throws in there.

Paoli’s William Baker supplied the 4th Rams TD in the 1st quarter, with a pick-six. It was an exciting dash, going untouched for the score.

Rams’ RB Trey Rominger was held without a TD, but still ran for 115 yards on 14 carries. He led the defense with 8 tackles, one for a loss. Due to the nature of the game, he was given some rest and less of the load.

Tyler Hannon was an impressive 3/3 on PAT’s, and second on the team in tackles with 6. He was in about every tackle with 8 assisted tackles. Hannon is really stepping up as a sophomore and will be an asset to this team in years to come.

So all that mostly happens in the first quarter. When the second quarter came around things took a turn. It looked like a heat lap at a dirt track, the yellow flags were flying.

Corydon Central was unable to score and the Rams won, 37-0. The Panthers are a young team and missing their stars from last year. Nothing was going their way.  Corydon’s fans and faculty have been awesome to us, so I hope they can find some success as they grow. Things won’t get any easier for them as they play North Harrison on Friday, Scottsburg the following week. They have a rough schedule.


The Rams move on to face their county rival, Springs Valley Blackhawks in the Orange Bowl. The Rams are on a 7-game winning streak in the series, and I’d consider them the favorite this year. The games have been close recently, with the Rams winning the last two by 7 points.

Springs Valley is scrappy, and playing Paoli brings it out even more. They just blanked Mitchell, and beat Eastern Greene in a battle, week 1. I’m sure they’re confident, but I think Paoli’s defense will be the difference maker this time around, this group of Blackhawks haven’t faced up with a Rams defense like this. Combine that with the Rams explosive offense, French Lick is going to have to do everything to keep up.

Springs Valley will be led by Konner Chase at QB, who is capable of throwing and running. James Walls and Larron Childers will also have the potential to have big games. The Rams should focus on limiting these 3.

Rams will have another big night running the ball. It’ll be a closer game than Corydon, but I feel that Paoli will pull away in the second. Rominger will lead in yardage and tackles, while Cole and Padgett have the chance to do big things as well. Cole might get his first 100-yard game of the season.

Paoli wins by at least two scores over Springs Valley.  

The game is at Paoli, kick-off is slated for 7:00 pm. Good luck to both teams, and we hope to see the stands full! Come out and support both schools.

Please enjoy photos from the Paoli vs Corydon Central game, and a poll to vote for who you think wins the Orange Bowl. Open voting.

Who wins Orange Bowl 2023?

Paoli vs Corydon Central Photos

I didn’t get the best of the photos this night, it was dark, and my camera was having issues adjusting. And there were other circumstances. I hope you enjoy what I did get. Thank you!

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