May 21, 2024
East Central High School Football Top Team in Southern Indiana - SISN Top 25

As the shadows lengthen on the fields of Southern Indiana, the battle for football supremacy heats up. The SISN Top 25 for Week 7 has landed, and it’s time to dive into the shifts from Week 6. As the end of the season looms, these teams are setting the pace.

Week 7 SISN Top 25

  1. East Central (4A, 6-0)
  2. Evansville Reitz (4A, 6-0)
  3. Bloomington North (5A, 6-0)
  4. Evansville Memorial (4A, 6-0)
  5. Bloomington South (5A, 5-1)
  6. Vincennes Lincoln (3A, 5-1)
  7. Gibson Southern (3A, 4-2)
  8. Floyd Central (5A, 5-1)
  9. Evansville North (5A, 4-2)
  10. Heritage Hills (3A, 5-1)
  11. Providence (1A, 6-0)
  12. North Posey (2A, 5-1)
  13. Southridge (3A, 4-2)
  14. Batesville (3A, 5-1)
  15. Linton-Stockton (2A, 5-1)
  16. Triton Central (2A, 5-1)
  17. Bedford North Lawrence (4A, 4-2)
  18. North Harrison (3A, 5-1)
  19. Monrovia (3A, 5-1)
  20. Lawrenceburg (3A, 4-2)
  21. Paoli (2A, 5-1)
  22. Jasper (4A, 4-2)
  23. Castle (5A, 3-3)
  24. Silver Creek (3A, 4-2)
  25. Brownstown Central (2A, 5-1)

Consistency at the Top

The frontrunners held their ground, with East Central maintaining their stranglehold on the top spot. They continued their dominance with a 51-0 thrashing of South Dearborn. Evansville Reitz, Bloomington North, and Evansville Memorial all remained undefeated, solidifying their positions as top contenders.

The Big Shifts

One of the most talked-about results from the weekend was Gibson Southern’s nail-biting 31-28 victory over Heritage Hills. This significant win sees Gibson Southern climb up the rankings to 7th, pushing Heritage Hills down to 10th.

Another exciting matchup was between Batesville and Lawrenceburg. Batesville edged out a tight contest 26-23, subsequently leapfrogging several spots to 14th, while Lawrenceburg slid to 20th.

Blowouts and Defensive Walls

Bloomington South showed their offensive prowess, running riot against Southport with a 59-0 win, moving them to the 5th position. Vincennes Lincoln demonstrated their defensive quality, keeping Evansville Harrison scoreless in a 47-0 rout.

Evansville North’s defense was equally dominant, shutting out Evansville Mater Dei in a 30-0 victory.

Surprises and Underdogs

Seymour’s 41-20 win over previously unbeaten Brownstown Central was perhaps one of the most surprising outcomes of the week, which sees Brownstown Central barely holding onto their Top 25 status, sliding to the 25th position.

Triton Central and North Posey both secured crucial wins, boosting their chances of moving further up in the rankings as the season progresses.

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