April 24, 2024

Fresh from their 57-27 thumping against the Thunderbirds, the Paoli Rams are now setting their sights on their next opponent, the Crawford County Wolfpack. While the previous win was impressive, it was turnovers that kept Eastern Greene from potentially shifting the outcome, a recurring challenge for them throughout this season.

All eyes will be on Trey Rominger, Paoli’s Fullback, who is not only 2nd in Indiana for rushing yards but also ranks 24th in the nation. Rominger inches closer to his ambitious season goal of 2,000 rushing yards, with 1,177 yards so far.

Stepping away from the journalist role and entering that of a fan and cousin, I hope Trey and the other starters can get some opportunities tonight. The Wolfpack has had a challenging season, and I’m guessing the Paoli Rams starters won’t see too many reps, but dang, Trey is close to breaking into the Top 10 in the nation for rushing, and he has goals to set!

 I understand the dilemma, you do not want to run up the numbers on a struggling team, you want to keep your best players healthy, and you want your underclassman to get some experience.

Whatever decision Coach Dittmer makes, it’ll be the right one, us fans will cheer regardless, but it’d still be nice to see Rominger and the other starters get a quarter or two. I’d like to see a Paoli player at the top of the list for the nation! If they don’t get their due, then climbing that nation’s rushing mountain won’t be in the picture.

Over the last 35 years, Paoli has maintained an unbeaten streak against Crawford County, with a 16-0 record. Their last meeting on September 30, 2022, was no exception as Paoli marked another decisive win with a 60-7 scoreline.

Paoli’s 5-1 record this season, combined with their recent crushing 57-27 win over Eastern Greene, makes them a force to be noticed. Ranked 13th in 2A with a Sagarin rating of 58.23, they’re undoubtedly the favorites entering this game. In contrast, Crawford County’s season has been challenging. With a 0-6 record, ranked 60th in 2A and 309th overall, their Sagarin rating of -4.13 reflects their struggles. Despite their underdog status, Crawford County has faced teams with a combined record of 21-15, indicating they’ve been tested against tough opponents.

I’ll predict that Rams will have a win by a large margin, but the story I’ll be following is the playing time. We will get to see what some nonstarters can do when they get the reins, and I’ve heard the future looks good down in Paoli.

Game starts at 7 PM EST, tonight, 9/29/2023, down in Crawford County cave county. I may leave early for the game and check out the Marengo Cave. It closes at 5 pm though, just in case anyone else had a similar idea. Please enjoy the photo gallery from the Eastern Greene vs Paoli football game from last Friday.

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Photo Gallery from Week 6’s Eastern Greene vs Paoli Matchup

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