June 18, 2024
The powers from each sectional are beginning to emerge in Week 3. Trends gather and sectional favorites are becoming obvious. In this Southern Indiana Football Week 3 Recap, we've added quite a bit. This week we're going to feature our "Top 25 Southern Indiana Football Teams". We've rated each based on their success against peers and likelyhood of success against larger programs. There's a lot of good teams in the list, any of which could be in the Top 10 at any given time.

The powers from each sectional are beginning to emerge in Week 3. Trends gather and sectional favorites are becoming obvious. In this Southern Indiana Football Week 3 Recap, we’ve added quite a bit. This week we’re going to feature our “Top 25 Southern Indiana Football Teams”. We’ve rated each based on their success against peers and likelihood of success against larger programs. There’s a lot of good teams in the list, any of which could be in the Top 10 at any given time.

We have also expanded our Recap coverage to more Southern Indiana high schools. That means we have about every Southern Indiana football program covered. We may not be able to provide a lot of written analysis, but we’re try to look at the top teams in each Sectional pairing.

Top 25 Southern Indiana Football Teams Week 3

  1. North Harrison (3A)
  2. Martinsville (4A)
  3. Charlestown (3A)
  4. Linton (2A)
  5. Evansville Mater Dei (2A)
  6. Owen Valley (3A)
  7. Evansville Reitz (4A)
  8. Castle (5A)
  9. Western Boone (3A)
  10. Gibson Southern (3A)
  11. Southridge (3A)
  12. South Dearborn (3A)
  13. Scecina (2A)
  14. Bloomington South (5A)
  15. Perry Central (2A)
  16. Brownstown Central (2A)
  17. Tri (1A)
  18. Monrovia (3A)
  19. Tecumseh (1A)
  20. West Washington (1A)
  21. Triton Central (2A)
  22. North Decatur (1A)
  23. Edinburgh (1A)
  24. Boonville (4A)
  25. Paoli (2A)

Sectional 15

Columbus East, Bloomington South, Bloomington North, Seymour

“Monroe Bowl”

The two Bloomington teams traveled to Terre Haute, and the 2 South teams conquered the 2 North teams. Bloomington South is our favorite to win Sectional 15. Columbus East gets their first win of the season over Sectional Rival Seymour. Next week’s game featuring Bloomington South vs Bloomington North, is our “SISN Game of the Week”. Stay tuned for Previews and Recaps of that game.

Bloomington South’s QB Zach David was 15 of 16 for 262 yards and 2 touchdowns, in a big win over Terre Haute North 7 to 55.

SISN Ranking

  1. Bloomington South
  2. Bloomington North
  3. Columbus East
  4. Seymour

Sectional 16

Castle, Evansville North, Floyd Central, New Albany

Sectional 16 is a new pairing we’ve added to the site. Castle looks to be the early favorite, but Evansville North looks strong as well. We’ll hopefully learn more about this sectional as we go forward.

SISN Ranking

  1. Castle
  2. Evansville North
  3. New Albany
  4. Floyd Central

Sectional 23

Bedford North Lawrence, East Central, Edgewood, Greenwood, Jennings County, Martinsville, Shelbyville, Silver Creek

“Crossroads Bowl”

East Central suffered its first loss of the season 43-13 to Archbishop Moeller, opening the way for Martinsville to take the lead spot. Bedford North Lawrence gets their first win of the season, after a couple hard fought losses in Week 1 and 2. I’m liking the grit that is coming out of BNL, moving them up 4 spots to number 4.

Martinsville’s Brayden Shrake led the way for the Artisans with 182 rushing yards and 2 TDs. Garret Skaggs and Tyler Adkins also played well for Martinsville in the win over Greenwood.

Week 2 SISN Ranking

  1. Martinsville (2)
  2. East Central (1)
  3. Greenwood (4)
  4. BNL (8)
  5. Edgewood (7)
  6. Jennings County (6)
  7. Silver Creek (3)
  8. Shelbyville (5)

Sectional 24

Boonville, Evansville Bosse, Evansville Central, Evansville Harrison, Evansville Memorial, Evasnville Reitz, Jasper

“Evans Bowl”

Boonville, Memorial and Reitz were the only teams from 24 to win this past week. Reitz is our early favorite to win this sectional, after a lot of unknowns in previous weeks. Jasper has now lost 2 straight, and seems to be struggling to find they had in week one against Memorial.

Reece Wilder had a good game in Boonville’s win with 124 total yards and 2 touchdowns.

Sophomore QB Ben Davies had an outstanding game for Evansville Reitz. Davies completed 16 of 20 passes for 237 yards and 3 TDs. Jonas Burnett had 123 yards and 1 TD, Hayden Summers with 169 receiving yards and 1 touchdown for Reitz. This team appears to have the weapons.

SISN Ranking

  1. Evansville Reitz
  2. Boonville (5)
  3. Jasper (2)
  4. Evansville Memorial (6)
  5. Evansville Harrison (3)
  6. Evansville Central (7)
  7. Evansville Bosse (4)

Sectional 29

Crawfordsville, Danville, Monrovia, North Montogmery, Speedway, Tri-West Hendricks, Western Boone

Another new sectional we are covering, 29 looks to be led by Western Boone, Monrovia and Crawfordsville. 5 of the 7 teams are over .500 going into week 4. This will be a very tough tourney come sectional time.

Senior RB Trevor Weakly rushed for 120 yards and 2 touchdowns for Western B.oone. Boone’s Cannon Brunes was a threat on defense with 8 tackles, 3 TFL, 1 sack, 1 FF, and 1 FR.

Monrovia was having a good season until they faced Linton in Week 3. Linton is one of the best teams in Southern Indiana, but a team that Monrovia would have to stick closer with.

SISN Ranking

  1. Western Boone
  2. Tri-West Hendricks
  3. Monrovia
  4. North Montgomery
  5. Crawfordsville
  6. Speedway
  7. Danville

Sectional 30

Gibson Southern, Mt. Vernon, Pike Central, Princeton, Owen Valley, Vincennes Lincoln, West Vigo

I wanted to add extra sectionals into our review just so that we could pull in Owen Valley. Their high scoring games were drawing out attention, so I had to change some database code and pulled the extra groups in. We found some good teams in Sectional 30.

Vincennes Lincoln pulls off the big win over Evansville Mater Dei. Mater Dei may be a 2A school, they play like a 4A program, and getting a win over them is a big deal for a Vincennes Lincoln program.

SISN Ranking

  1. Owen Valley
  2. Gibson Southern
  3. Vincennes Lincoln
  4. Mt. Vernon
  5. West Vigo
  6. Pike Central
  7. Princeton
  8. Washington

Sectional 31

Batesville, Centerville, Franklin County, Greensburg, Indian Creek, Lawrenceburg, Rushville, South Dearborn

Sectional 31 is another new group added to our review. There’s a lot of good looking teams here, but we’re going with South Dearborn as number one for now. Larwrenceburg and Centerville are looking great too, the latter suffering a big loss to Park Tudor drops them down a bit. Look for Indian Creek to be tough as well.

SISN Ranking

  1. South Dearborn
  2. Lawrenceburg
  3. Centerville
  4. Indian Creek
  5. Franklin County
  6. Rushville
  7. Greensburg
  8. Batesville

Sectional 32

Charlestown, Corydon Central, Heritage Hills, Madison, North Harrison, Salem, Scottsburg, Southridge

“Heritage Bowl”

Even though we’re a little far from the Hub of Sectional 32, we’ve been following this one pretty closely. We believe some of the best teams in Southern Indiana are playing here, and may represent the Southern Indiana side of the 3A Championship for the IHSAA tournament in Thanksgiving.

Charlestown continues to remain hot, winning another one over rival Clarksville. Robert Lamar continued be a phenom for Clarksville, rushing for 243 yards and 3 touchdowns, but his efforts were in vain as Charlestown pushes through. Senior Alex Harden had a total of 18 tackles for Charlestown.

The North Harrison Cougars, who we’re picking as our Best Team in Southern Indiana was led again by a strong rushing game. Sawyer Wetzel carried for 223 yards and 2 TDs, before leaving the game and paving the way for Junior Owen Whitaker to come in and rush for 148 yards and 3 TDs for himself. Whitaker also had 7 tackles for the Cougars.

Caleb Kramer was all over the field for Southridge with 12 tackles in their big win over North Posey football.

SISN Ranking

  1. North Harrison
  2. Charlestown
  3. Southridge
  4. Heritage Hills
  5. Corydon Central (6)
  6. Salem (5)
  7. Scottsburg
  • Madison (Data N/A at this time)

Sectional 37

Cascade, Greencastle, Linton-Stockton, North Knox, North Putnam, South Vermillion, Southmont, Sullivan

“Coal Bowl”

Linton-Stockton Miners football continues to hold supremacy over Sectional 37. Their points differential is +124 going into week 4, and they have played some decent teams doing that.

Southmont also remains undefeated after a close one with North Montogmery.

SISN Ranking

  1. Linton-Stockton
  2. Southmont (3)
  3. Greencastle (4)
  4. South Vermillion (5)
  5. Sullivan (2)
  6. North Knox (6)
  7. Cascade (7)
  8. North Putnam (8)

Sectional 39

Brown County, Brownstown Central, Christel House Manual, Clarksville, Eastern (Pekin), Switzerland County, Triton Central

“Hilltop Bowl”

Brownstown is back to their winning ways in Sectional 39, but we’re finally giving Scecina their rightful spot at the top of 39. Do they deserve that spot? Triton Central also suffers an early loss to what must be a good Lutheran team.

SISN Ranking

  1. Scecina (3)
  2. Brownstown Central (5)
  3. Triton Central (1)
  4. Christel House Manual (7)
  5. Switerland County (2)
  6. Clarksville (6)
  7. Eastern (Pekin) (4)
  8. Brown County

Sectional 40

Crawford County, Evansville Mater Dei, Forest Park, Mitchell, North Posey, Paoli, Perry Central, Tell City

“Patoka Bowl”

Mater Dei suffers their first loss of the season, showing that anyone can beat, even those we think are going to win it all. Even though they lose, we still have them a top of Sectional 40. But don’t count out Perry Central or Paoli who are both gaining steam.

JR RB Sawyer Guillaume has another great game for Perry Central. He rushed the ball 6 times for 133 yards and 1 touchdown. 4 Perry Central players had rushing averages over 20 yards.

Paoli’s Trey Rominger scored the game winning touchdown with 33 seconds left on the clock over Springs Valley Blackhawks. Rominger rushed for 199 yards and 2 touchdowns in the win.

SISN Ranking

  1. Mater Dei
  2. Perry Central (3)
  3. Paoli (4)
  4. Tell City (6)
  5. North Posey (2)
  6. Forest Park (5)
  7. Mitchell (7)
  8. Crawford County

Sectional 46

Cambridge City Lincoln, Edinburgh, Knightstown, Milan, North Decatur, South Decatur, Tri

We have a lot of readers coming from Edinburgh for Football and Basketball, and we’d first like to thank the Edinburgh fans for the support. So, it was a must that we include their Sectional in our analysis.

The Lancers season is one of their best in a while, and there is hype building. Lancer Senior RB Jarret Turner rushed 20 times for 183 yards and 1 touchdown. He also had 2 receptions for 57 yards and another touchdown. Caleb Dewey, who I believe is the same basketball star for Edinburgh had a sack and interception, he performed well on offense as well. Edinburgh beats South Decatur in a close one, 18 to 7.

Tri High School was led by Senior Parker Burk with 7 rushing attempts and 160 yards and 2 touchdowns in a blow out win Cambridge City Lincoln 70 to 0.

Senior QB Carson Parmer had a great game for North Decatur in a win over Monroe Central 43 to 0. Reid Messer and James Evans, both senior running backs also had great games in the win.

SISN Ranking

  1. Tri
  2. North Decatur
  3. Edinburgh
  4. Milan
  5. Knightstown
  6. South Decatur
  7. Cambridge City Lincoln

Sectional 48

Eastern Greene, North Daviess, Providence, Rock Creek Academy, South Spencer, Springs Valley, Tecumseh, West Washington

“Backwoods Bowl”

Tecumseh and West Washington jump up to take over Sectional 48 after Springs Valley loss to Paoli Rams. The Springs Valley Blackhawks are still a good team and top contender, but others can win just as easily.

Tecumseh win over North Knox certifies their new status atop the rankings. We look for this to be a really fun sectional.

SISN Ranking

  1. Tecumseh (2)
  2. West Washington (3)
  3. Springs Valley (1)
  4. Providence
  5. North Daviess
  6. South Spencer
  7. Eastern Greene

We hope you enjoyed this coverage of Southern Indiana High School Football teams. For some reason we do not like our free time and spend way too much time researching, but we still do miss stuff. Let us know if we missed something, or if we’re totally off on our rankings. We may not have the whole story sometimes, and we’re not to big to acknowledge that. At the end of the day, this is for the players and fans, a fun place to cheer on and find decent coverage of your favorite players and teams.

Nominate a Player for Week 3 Player of the Week

I’ll be working on compiling the list for Week 3 Player of the Week. We have already received a lot of nomiations. Thank you! We’re looking at those emails and will come up with our pick for Player of the Week. Voting will be up soon, but there is still time to nominate a player.

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