June 18, 2024


The popcorn is popping, the band is playing, and the fans are filing into their seats. This can mean only one thing. High School Football season is back in Southern Indiana. In an attempt to expand our coverage to more schools in Southern Indiana we are excited to announce our new “Game of the Week” series. We will travel to a different school every week to take in, what we think will be, the greatest games of that week in our region. Every week we will have extensive coverage on each school playing in our Game of the Week; with exciting team and game previews, interviews with coaches, players, and fans, and as you’ve come to expect from SINSportsNetwork exciting game day reporting. So sit back and relax and let us fill you in on some great Southern Indiana Football, or if you’re in that area make sure to pack those stands, and maybe come say Hi to us while you’re at it. Hope to see y’all there!

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