July 23, 2024
Bloomington, Ind - Well here it is again folks, our Southern Indiana Football Week 5 recap, as well our SISN Top 25 poll, where we rank our top Southern Indiana teams. We look at several factors like team's success in their Sectional Pairings, class, and how well they perform against larger schools, or their potential to perform. We also take into account other polls, and Saragin Strenth of Schedule.

Written by Corey Hall and Chris Marshall

Bloomington, Ind – Well here it is again folks, our Southern Indiana Football Week 5 recap, as well our SISN Top 25 poll, where we rank our top Southern Indiana teams. We look at several factors like team’s success in their Sectional Pairings, class, and how well they perform against larger schools, or their potential to perform. We also take into account other polls, and Sagarin Strenth of Schedule.

You may notice that this week’s poll looks a bit different from last week’s. We have added a few new metrics with which we will rank Southern Indiana football squads, including strength of schedule. Our weekly recap and poll is unique to others as we look at teams in their sectional grouping. This is why you may see teams that are not considered “Southern.” So without further adieu here are the…

Top 25 Southern Indiana Football Teams Week 5

  1. Evansville Reitz (4A)
  2. Gibson Southern (3A)
  3. Owen Valley (3A)
  4. Linton (2A)
  5. East Central (4A)
  6. Bloomington South (5A)
  7. Castle (5A)
  8. Providence (1A)
  9. South Dearborn (3A)
  10. Tecumseh (1A)
  11. Lawrenceburg (3A)
  12. Evansville Mater Dei (2A)
  13. Triton Central (2A)
  14. Tri (1A)
  15. Charlestown (3A)
  16. Vincennes Lincoln (3A)
  17. Southridge (3A)
  18. Martinsville (4A)
  19. Brownstown Central (2A)
  20. North Decatur (1A)
  21. North Daviess (1A)
  22. Western Boone (3A)
  23. Perry Central (2A)
  24. Columbus East (5A)
  25. North Posey (2A)

Southern Indiana Football Week 5 Recap

Please scroll the page to view all the southern Indiana sectional pairs we have reviewed and created charts for.

Sectional 15

Columbus East, Bloomington South, Bloomington North, Seymour

“Monroe Bowl”

SISN Ranking

  1. Bloomington South
  2. Columbus East
  3. Seymour (4)
  4. Bloomington North (3)

Every team in Sectional 15 won their respective games this week. Bloomington South blanked Terre Haute South and continues to be the premier team in Sectional 15. Seymour moved up a spot to number 3 thanks to a drubbing of Bedford North Lawrence. Columbus East and Bloomington North also picked up victories as they try to right the track and begin to challenge Bloomington South for the top spot.

Sectional 16

Castle, Evansville North, Floyd Central, New Albany

SISN Ranking

  1. Castle
  2. Evansville North
  3. Floyd Central
  4. New Albany

Castle continues their dominant ways with a win over a very solid Vincennes Lincoln squad on the road. Don’t count out Evansville North however as their 3-2 record is not telling the whole truth. They have played the 31st toughest schedule in the state according to Sagarin and that stiff competition early can prove vital come Sectional time.

Sectional 23

Bedford North Lawrence, East Central, Edgewood, Greenwood, Jennings County, Martinsville, Shelbyville, Silver Creek

“Crossroads Bowl”

SISN Ranking

  1. East Central
  2. Martinsville
  3. Silver Creek (4)
  4. BNL (3)
  5. Greenwood
  6. Jennings County
  7. Shelbyville
  8. Edgewood

East Central continues to be dominant as they blanked lowly Batesville. Martinsville looked impressive yet again as they picked up their second win against a top 50 squad in the state in dramatic fashion on the road at Franklin. At this point in the season either of these teams look good to take the Sectional 23 crown.

Sectional 24

Boonville, Evansville Bosse, Evansville Central, Evansville Harrison, Evansville Memorial, Evasnville Reitz, Jasper

“Evans Bowl”

SISN Ranking

  1. Evansville Reitz (1)
  2. Evansville Memorial (4)
  3. Boonville (2)
  4. Jasper (3)
  5. Evansville Harrison (5)
  6. Evansville Central (6)
  7. Evansville Bosse (7)

  Reitz continues to be the front runner in Sectional 24 and is worthy of their top spot in the SISN Top 25. Memorial continues to impress after a bit of a rocky start to the year and has reeled off their 3rd consecutive victory with a win against Harrison. Boonville put up a heck of a fight but came up short against #4 Linton.

Sectional 29

Crawfordsville, Danville, Monrovia, North Montogmery, Speedway, Tri-West Hendricks, Western Boone

SISN Ranking

  1. Western Boone (2)
  2. Tri-West Hendricks (1)
  3. Speedway
  4. Danville (6)
  5. Monrovia (4)
  6. North Montgomery (5)
  7. Crawfordsville

 Tri-West Hendricks and Western Boone continue to rule the roost in this sectional. It gets very crowded after those two. This is a very crowded and competitive Sectional.

Sectional 30

Gibson Southern, Mt. Vernon, Pike Central, Princeton, Owen Valley, Vincennes Lincoln, West Vigo

SISN Ranking

  1. Gibson Southern (2)
  2. Owen Valley (1)
  3. Vincennes Lincoln
  4. Mt. Vernon
  5. West Vigo
  6. Washington (8)
  7. Pike Central (6)
  8. Princeton (7)

Gibson Southern and Owen Valley both remained udefeated this week. I was in attendance for the Owen Valley game, as it was our Game of the Week and let me tell you folks, they are the real deal. We’ve caught some slack from Gibson Southern fans, and a few of them may be right. They continue to find ways to win.

Sectional 31

Batesville, Centerville, Franklin County, Greensburg, Indian Creek, Lawrenceburg, Rushville, South Dearborn

SISN Ranking

  1. South Dearborn
  2. Lawrenceburg
  3. Centerville
  4. Indian Creek
  5. Franklin County
  6. Rushville
  7. Greensburg
  8. Batesville

South Dearborn picked up another win to remain undefeated against bottom dweller Greensburg. Lawrenceburg and Centerville also both picked up wins to stay in the chase. Watch out for Lawrenceburg come sectional time. They are a team that came in with high expectations and so far have proven themselves worthy.

Sectional 32

Charlestown, Corydon Central, Heritage Hills, Madison, North Harrison, Salem, Scottsburg, Southridge

“Heritage Bowl”

SISN Ranking

  1. Charlestown
  2. Southridge
  3. North Harrison
  4. Corydon Central (5)
  5. Heritage Hills (4)
  6. Salem
  7. Scottsburg

It was not a good week for teams in Sectional 32 as 5 out of the 6 teams lost their respective games. Both of the top teams in this sectional as of week 5 picked up their first loss this week. Charlestown lost a nail biter to a very solid providence squad while Southridge was defeated by 5-0 Gibson Southern.

Watching Corydon Central in week 2, we knew they were talented enough to get some wins this year, and now they’re on a two game win streak. Corydon’s WR Jaylen Fowler had 10 catches, 259 yds (school record), 4 Rec TDs, 1 PR TD in their close game over Eastern Pekin. Jaylen is sneaky quick.

  • Madison (Data N/A at this time)

Sectional 37

Cascade, Greencastle, Linton-Stockton, North Knox, North Putnam, South Vermillion, Southmont, Sullivan

“Coal Bowl”

SISN Ranking

  1. Linton-Stockton
  2. Southmont
  3. South Vermillion
  4. Sullivan (6)
  5. North Knox (7)
  6. Cascade (4)
  7. Greencastle (5)
  8. North Putnam

Linton continues to be one of the best teams in Southern Indiana week in and week out beating 4A Boonville on the road. Southmont picked up a win against Crawfordsville and South Vermillion put a stomping on Covington. Don’t sleep on Sullivan though. They could be the dark horse to make some noise come Sectional time.

Sectional 39

Brown County, Brownstown Central, Christel House Manual, Clarksville, Eastern (Pekin), Switzerland County, Triton Central

“Hilltop Bowl”

SISN Ranking

  1. Scecina
  2. Triton Central (3)
  3. Brownstown Central (2)
  4. Christel House Manual
  5. Switerland County
  6. Clarksville
  7. Eastern (Pekin)
  8. Brown County

Scecina stays among the unbeaten and atop the Sectional 39 leaderboard by beating Heritage Christian and is completely demolishing folks this year. SISN #21 Brownstown Central beat North Harrison on the road and continues to impress. SISN will be calling Brownstown home for a couple hours as they host the SISN Game of the Week when they welcome the Seymour Owls. We will see if Brownstown passes the eye test and can compete with Scecina come Sectional time.

Triton Central’s Ray Crawford had 15 rushing attempts for 100 yards and 2 touchdowns. 2 interceptions with 102 return yards and 1 catch for 11 yards. Won 49-14 against Indian Creek.

Clarksville’s record may not be the best, but they have a running back in Robert Lamar who continues to rush for 200+ yards. I think he’s done it every game this season, sometimes into the 300 yard territory. In week 4 Lamar rushed 28 times for 281 yards and 3 touchdowns.

Sectional 40

Crawford County, Evansville Mater Dei, Forest Park, Mitchell, North Posey, Paoli, Perry Central, Tell City

“Patoka Bowl”

SISN Ranking

  1. Perry Central
  2. Mater Dei
  3. North Posey
  4. Paoli
  5. Tell City
  6. Mitchell (7)
  7. Forest Park (6)
  8. Crawford County

North Posey and Perry Central still hold down the top spots, but dont count out Paoli. They absolutely demolished undefeated West Washington. They’ve had an up and down year but they’ve got one of the best RB in Southern Indiana in Trey Rominger. If that Paoli line can be consistent they are a team to be careful of. But don’t forget Brandon Cook and Braxton Elliot who rushed in 2 TDs each in the Rams’ win.

Sectional 46

Cambridge City Lincoln, Edinburgh, Knightstown, Milan, North Decatur, South Decatur, Tri

This could shape up to be a really interesting Sectional. North Decatur jumps Tri for the top spot as Tri dropped a heartbreaker at home to Centerville. Edinburgh picked up its first loss of the year to North Daviess at home.

SISN Ranking

  1. North Decatur (2)
  2. Tri (1)
  3. Edinburgh
  4. Milan
  5. South Decatur
  6. Knightstown
  7. Cambridge City Lincoln

Sectional 48

Eastern Greene, North Daviess, Providence, Rock Creek Academy, South Spencer, Springs Valley, Tecumseh, West Washington

“Backwoods Bowl”

SISN Ranking

  1. Providence (3)
  2. Tecumseh (1)
  3. North Daviess (4)
  4. West Washington (3)
  5. Springs Valley (3)
  6. South Spencer (7)
  7. Eastern Greene (6)

Whew, this one is hard to predict through week 5 and is definitely the most competitive sectional in Southern Indiana. Tecumseh and Providence both stay undefeated this week. North Daviess reeled off its 4th consecutive win and moved into the top 25. You tell me folks. As of right now this one seems to be a toss up, but its probably Providence the rest of the way.

North Daviess continues to prove us wrong, battling in their 4 game win streak. We’ve already been ran out of Elnora, but we still love this school. They’ve earned a spot on our Top 25 list with their stellar play. North Davies QB Brock Knepp completed 15 of 22 passes for 216 yards and 3 touchdowns. Knepp also rushed six times for 59 yards and another touchdown. Knepp finished with 275 total yards.

From a reader regarding Providence player Thomas Lynch, “Thomas rushed for 102 yards on 16 carries, averaging 6.3 yards per carry with 2 hard fought TD’s breaking numerous tackles to keep both plays alive. He caught 3 passes for 13 yards. He did this against a very good Charlestown Defense that was previously undefeated. Both of his touchdowns were good enough efforts to be nominated by local media outlets as play of the week, WDRB and WLKY. I don’t remember a HS player making two plays in a single game that was nominated as play of the week by two separate media outlets. This was a big game for both schools and communities.”

Springs Valley was hit hard as a community last week as young Treven Ball unexpectedly passed away. Our thoughts and prayers are with the French Lick community. The Springs Valley community and team have really come together in this time of loss.

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