April 24, 2024

Brownstown, Ind – It was a cool and rainy night but that didn’t stop the residents of Jackson County. They showed up to Blevins Memorial Stadium in droves in what was the best atmosphere we have been in all year. In what was an incredible game, the Seymour Owls took back the Jackson Bowl championship from the Brownstown Central Braves in a thriller 28-24.

Brownstown celebrates win/Chris Marshall/SISN

The game started off a little sluggish as both teams adjusted to both each other and the weather. Both teams would struggle to get things going early. Seymour would open the scoring thanks to a beautful pass from Bret Perry to one of our Players to Watch WR Jaylan Johnson. The Braves would have the slight edge however going into halftime 10-7 thanks to their staunch run defense and of course their rushing attack led by QB Carson Darlage.

Then came the second half and the type of game the Jackson Bowl is known for. It would become a back and forth struggle with both teams answering each other drive for drive. Seymour would only rush the ball for 7 yards in the first half, but came out with a mission to correct that in the second. The Owls would rush seven consecutive times covering 64 yards all capped off by a 23 yard TD run by Nick Wheeler.

SHS RB Nick Wheeler – Chris Marshall/SISN

The Braves would respond with a long drive of their own culminating in a 12 yard TD run by Adam Wayt and a very short lived 17-14 advantage. Seymour would immediately retaliate with a 50 yard drive and another score by Nick Wheeler. Brownstown would then pull something deep out of their playbook and surprise the Owls with a 5 yard jump pass touchdown to Gregory Hutcheson.

BCHS TD pass from Darlage to Hutcheson – Chris Marshall/SISN

Seymour would again find a way to answer. Sensing a pattern here? Bret Perry would put the final nail in the coffin of Brownstown with a game winning 5 yard TD run set up by a absolutely beautiful ball from Perry to TE Josh Rennekamp.

Game Winning TD run by SHS QB Bret Perry – Chris Marshall/SISN

Brownstown would get the ball back but a combination of the ever intensifying rain and Brownstown’s inability to throw the ball consistently would not allow them to move down the field. Seymour would stop them on downs at midfield and the Jackson Bowl Championship would belong to the Owls for the first time in three years.

We were in a possession battle and just needed to take care of the ball and find ways to score. I thought our offensive line answered the bell tonight. Photo Gallery

SHS Head Coach Tyson Moore told The Tribune

Photo Gallery and Highlight Reel

You can check out all the sights of the Jackson Bowl by clicking this link – Jackson Bowl Photo Gallery

Jackson Bowl Highlights – Chris Marshall and Greg Marshall/SISN

Thanks so much for reading and we can’t wait to see y’all again for next years Jackson Bowl!

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