April 24, 2024
We've had some movement in the poll this week. There were some big wins and stunning losses. Please take a look at our. We have ranked our Top 25 Southern Indiana teams, as well as looked at all Southern Indiana Sectionals, and provided an indepth analysis of each team's season.

Written by Corey Hall and Chris Marshall

We have ranked our Top 25 Southern Indiana teams, as well as looked at all Southern Indiana Sectionals, and provided an in-depth analysis of each team’s season. We’ve had some movement in the poll this week. There were some big wins and stunning losses. Please take a look at our…

Top 25 Southern Indiana Football Teams Week 6

  1. Evansville Reitz (4A)
  2. Gibson Southern (3A)
  3. East Central (4A)
  4. Owen Valley (3A)
  5. Martinsville (4A)
  6. Linton (2A)
  7. Bloomington South (5A)
  8. Lawrenceburg (3A)
  9. Tecumseh (1A)
  10. Providence (1A)
  11. Evansville Mater Dei (2A)
  12. Triton Central (2A)
  13. Vincennes Lincoln (3A)
  14. South Dearborn (3A)
  15. Castle (5A)
  16. Charlestown (3A)
  17. Centerville (3A)
  18. Southridge (3A)
  19. North Decatur (1A)
  20. Perry Central (2A)
  21. North Posey (2A)
  22. Evansville Memorial (4A)
  23. Tri (1A)
  24. Seymour (5A)
  25. Paoli (2A)

Southern Indiana Football Week 6 Recap

Please scroll the page to view all the southern Indiana sectional pairs we have reviewed and created charts for.

Sectional 15

Columbus East, Bloomington South, Bloomington North, Seymour

“Monroe Bowl”

SISN Ranking

  1. Bloomington South
  2. Seymour (3)
  3. Columbus East (2)
  4. Bloomington North

This Sectional is starting to get a little interesting. South is still the team to beat but the teams behind them are starting to get into their mid-season groove, albeit with little slip-up by Columbus East. Seymour is on a roll as they have reeled off 4 straight wins. Last week they won a thriller against Brownstown in SISN’s Game of the Week. If the Owls can play like that the rest of the year it could get interesting come sectional time.

Sectional 16

Castle, Evansville North, Floyd Central, New Albany

SISN Ranking

  1. Castle
  2. Evansville North
  3. Floyd Central
  4. New Albany

Castle still appears to be the team to beat in Sectional 16. They got absolutely smoked by Reitz this week, but there’s a reason we have Reitz at number one in the SISN Top 25 poll. In fact, only one team won in this sectional grouping. Somewhat surprisingly Floyd Central shocked Columbus East in Columbus 14-12. No movement here this week.

Sectional 23

Bedford North Lawrence, East Central, Edgewood, Greenwood, Jennings County, Martinsville, Shelbyville, Silver Creek

“Crossroads Bowl”

SISN Ranking

  1. East Central
  2. Martinsville
  3. BNL (4)
  4. Silver Creek (3)
  5. Greenwood
  6. Jennings County
  7. Shelbyville
  8. Edgewood

East Central and Martinsville. What can we say about these squads. They just keep finding ways to win. East Central is quickly becoming one of my favorite teams in Southern Indiana. They absolutely demolished previously unbeaten South Dearborn. Martinsville continued to impress with a 2 TD win at previously unbeaten and #1 in 5A per the AP, Whiteland. What a win this is for Martinsville. They continue to prove that they belong in the top echelon of Southern Indiana Football and have earned their place in the SISN Game of the Week as they welcome Perry Meridian this week. BNL picked up a big win at Jennings County to bring them back to .500 moving them up a spot in our sectional rankings.

Sectional 24

Boonville, Evansville Bosse, Evansville Central, Evansville Harrison, Evansville Memorial, Evasnville Reitz, Jasper

“Evans Bowl”

SISN Ranking

  1. Evansville Reitz
  2. Evansville Memorial
  3. Boonville
  4. Jasper
  5. Evansville Harrison
  6. Evansville Central
  7. Evansville Bosse

Reitz continues to be the preeminent football team in Southern Indiana. They destroyed previusly unbeaten South Dearborn this week and at this point i could see them running the table in the regular season. BIG Matchup this week as Reitz travels to Memorial. That will be one of the games to watch this week.

Sectional 30

Gibson Southern, Mt. Vernon, Pike Central, Princeton, Owen Valley, Vincennes Lincoln, West Vigo

SISN Ranking

  1. Gibson Southern (2)
  2. Owen Valley (1)
  3. Vincennes Lincoln
  4. Mt. Vernon
  5. West Vigo
  6. Washington
  7. Pike Central
  8. Princeton

Gibson Southern and Owen Valley continue their winning ways to remain among the unbeatens. Vincennes Lincoln picked up another win while Mount Vernon lost only their second game of the season this week. Who’s gonna finish the season undefeated? Gibson Southern? Owen Valley? Heck at this point it could be both of them.

Sectional 31

Batesville, Centerville, Franklin County, Greensburg, Indian Creek, Lawrenceburg, Rushville, South Dearborn

SISN Ranking

  1. Lawrenceburg (2)
  2. South Dearborn (1)
  3. Centerville
  4. Indian Creek
  5. Franklin County
  6. Rushville
  7. Greensburg
  8. Batesville

Lawrenceburg continues to impress as they blank Batesville and move up to #8 in the SISN Top 25. South Dearborn got smoked by East Central, but East Central is one of the best teams in Southern Indiana so that shouldn’t hurt too much. Centerville lost but continues to be the sleeper team in this sectional.

Sectional 32

Charlestown, Corydon Central, Heritage Hills, Madison, North Harrison, Salem, Scottsburg, Southridge

“Heritage Bowl”

SISN Ranking

  1. Charlestown
  2. Southridge
  3. North Harrison
  4. Corydon Central
  5. Heritage Hills
  6. Salem
  7. Scottsburg

Charlestown got back to there winning ways beating lowly Scottsburg. Southridge and North Harrison also picked up wins. Pretty standard week for Sectional 32. Charlestown still the team to beat.

  • Madison (Data N/A at this time)

Sectional 37

Cascade, Greencastle, Linton-Stockton, North Knox, North Putnam, South Vermillion, Southmont, Sullivan

“Coal Bowl”

SISN Ranking

  1. Linton-Stockton
  2. Southmont
  3. South Vermillion
  4. North Knox (5)
  5. Sullivan (4)
  6. Greencastle (7)
  7. Cascade (6)
  8. North Putnam

Linton is #1 in the AP poll for 2A and #6 in the SISN poll for a reason. They are just that good. They smoked North Daviess last week and North Daviess is no joke in 1A. Southmont also remains unbeaten as they beat Danville. What a treat it would be for these two to meet in the Sectional 37 Championship. North Knox also moved up a spot with a win over Pike Central.

Sectional 39

Brown County, Brownstown Central, Christel House Manual, Clarksville, Eastern (Pekin), Switzerland County, Triton Central

“Hilltop Bowl”

SISN Ranking

  1. Scecina
  2. Triton Central
  3. Brownstown Central
  4. Christel House Manual
  5. Switerland County
  6. Clarksville
  7. Eastern (Pekin)
  8. Brown County

Brownstown Central lost in a thriller to Seymour in last week’s SISN Game of the Week. For them to be able to challenge Scecina and Triton Central for the top spot they are going to have to develop more of a passing attack to compete with better competition. Scecina and Triton Central are still the teams to beat.

Sectional 40

Crawford County, Evansville Mater Dei, Forest Park, Mitchell, North Posey, Paoli, Perry Central, Tell City

“Patoka Bowl”

SISN Ranking

  1. Mater Dei (2)
  2. Perry Central (1)
  3. North Posey
  4. Paoli
  5. Tell City
  6. Mitchell
  7. Forest Park
  8. Crawford County

Perry Central moves up a spot this week with a victory over Clarksville. Paoli picked up another win at Eastern Greene and is still the sleeper in this sectional. North Posey dropped their game to increasingly impressive Providence. Mater Dei picked up a win at Evansville North. There is a major traffic jam in the middle of the pack here in Sectional 40.

Sectional 46

Cambridge City Lincoln, Edinburgh, Knightstown, Milan, North Decatur, South Decatur, Tri

SISN Ranking

  1. North Decatur
  2. Tri
  3. Milan (4)
  4. Edinburgh (3)
  5. South Decatur
  6. Knightstown
  7. Cambridge City Lincoln

North Decatur stays undefeated and is looking very impressive this year. Edinburgh picked up its second loss on the year to Greenwood Christian, moving them down a spot and Milan up one.

Sectional 48

Eastern Greene, North Daviess, Providence, Rock Creek Academy, South Spencer, Springs Valley, Tecumseh, West Washington

“Backwoods Bowl”

SISN Ranking

  1. Tecumseh (2)
  2. Providence (1)
  3. North Daviess
  4. Springs Valley (5)
  5. West Washington (4)
  6. South Spencer
  7. Eastern Greene

This continues to be one of the most competitive sectionals in Southern Indiana. Tecumseh stays unbeaten and is SISN’s top ranked 1A school coming in at #9 overall. Providence, the second best team in 1A, lost to a very good Holy Cross team out of Kentucky. Pioneer fans shouldn’t worry as they will bounce back.

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