July 23, 2024

Spencer, IN — Owen Valley Football looks to keep the magic going tonight as they face the Monrovia Bulldogs for the Regional Championship. In it’s history the Patriots have only won 3 sectionals, two of which came in the past two years, and have never won the regional. They have a great chance at accomplishing this task tonight. Patriot Field should be packed to the brim to cheer on their beloved Patriots in an atmosphere that is unrivaled in southern Indiana high school football.

Now this game is only one step in a goal of winning the state championship, yet these student-athletes on the field tonight know what is at stake for their school and their community. Never in my close to two years covering high school sports have I witnessed a community back their school the way Spencer does. This does not fall upon deaf ears with these young men.

The support we got was amazing. One of my goals I had as a freshman was to bring the community together and fill the stands like it use to be when my mom and teammates parents were in school, and to see that happening this year has made us want to put it on for this small little town. There was a lot of talk throughout the whole community to see how many students and staff members we could get at the game. So all week we were hearing numbers of how many students were gonna show up. The goal was 400 high school students and I believe we had over 420 students there so that was great.

Brody Lester QB1 Owen Valley Patriots

Games like these come only once in a while and these moments should be cherished. This could be a night that these young men will remember for the rest of their lives, but remember this is just a step to completing the ultimate goal, bringing a State Title back home to Spencer!

Every young kid plays football off to the side by the fence on Friday nights and they act like they’re playing at their home field for a championship. Our guys right now did that when they were little. Games like tonight are what you dream of and what you prepare for. It’s up to our guys to make their dream a reality. This is what you play for.

Owen Valley Head Coach Rob Gibson

We cant wait to see yall there! Let’s make this a game these student-athletes will never forget!

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