May 21, 2024
Southern Indiana Sports Network
SISN Southern Indiana Girls Basketball Player Rankings

We have released Southern Indiana Girls Basketball Player Rankings today. This is our first year of sharing our rankings for the Girls, so we hope you like it! To view the rankings, please follow the link below.

A lot of schools will keep their stats hidden, but some will add to the MaxPreps site as the year goes on. If a team does not wish to enter their basketball stats onto MaxPreps, but would still like their players in our Ranking System, then please send us a message. We will work with any school to get their data into our system.

We are covering 16 different conferences in Southern Indiana. They are:

Blue Chip, Conference Indiana, Eastern Indiana, Hoosier Hills, Indiana Crossroads, Mid-Hoosier, Mid-Southern, Mid-State, Ohio River Valley, Patoka Lake, Pocket, Southern, Southern Indiana, Southern Roads, Southwestern Indiana, Western Indiana

Some of the schools on our list may not be directly in “Southern Indiana”. If there are schools that we want to cover, like Monrovia and Edinburgh, then we cover every team in their Conference. This means some schools may pass the Indianapolis center line.

How do we come up with these rankings?

We looked at several different factors to come up with our rankings. We looked at total points scored, total shots made, total shots missed, 3 pointed made and missed, rebounds, assists, steals, and turnovers. We grade all these together to come up with a total for each player.

Stats aren’t everything, we know, but they’re a good indicator of a player’s success compared to their peers. This is also meant to be fun and entertaining for the fans and players.

We hope you enjoy these stats. Last year we couldn’t get these out for Indiana Girl’s High School basketball, but I know a few of our readers requested them. Our system is now automated, and we will have updates each week.

If you are a coach, we highly encourage to enter your team’s basketball stats onto MaxPreps. If not, please reach out and we’ll work with you to get your team added to our list without going to MaxPreps.

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