April 24, 2024
IHSAA - Southern Indiana Top 25 Boys Basketball team rankings. IHSAA Sectional chart analysis and predictions - SISN News

We have a new SISN Top 25 rankings. Featuring a new team taking the top spot for all Southern Indiana boys basketball teams. We also include chart analysis from each Southern Indiana IHSAA sectional, and give our sectional winner predictions based on current record and points differential.

We finally got the chance to watch Jennings County play, and its hard to deny that they haven’t earned our top spot. Its hard to say, but they’d give North Daviess a tough run for their money. They play very similar, same type of size, same movement, but Jennings County has more depth.

North Daviess has a couple Jaylen Mullen style players, where Jennings County could at times say their starting five could be the man at any given second. I’d love to see the matchup, I’d wager it’d be a two point game.

But with the tough losses North Daviess took at the Hall of Fame, they’ll bow the top spot for the time being.

A lot of people would argue that Linton deserve the 1 or 2 spot based on current hype and skill. We’ll just have to wait and see for the results of that Jan 20th game. In my eyes, North Daviess still got the edge after their win last season. I think the Cougars matchup better with Jennings County in making it a contest.

Brownstown Central and Jack Benter tasted how good Jennings County was and dropped a couple spots in the new poll. Heritage Hills and Trent Sisley are waiting right behind them, a team very capable of beating anyone on the poll.

Orleans may have lost to New Albany, but I’d like to see that rematch at the Bulldogs home. I think they win if they play again. New Albany has slipped a little, so these two Bulldogs get a rankings swap. Orleans is still my pick to win 1A, and it was at the beginning of the season before any of the other polls had Orleans mentioned.

Connersville is the new team on the list coming in high at the number 8 spot. I liked who they were beating and thought they deserved it. They’re on our radar now.

Corydon Central is red hot and could arguably be ranked higher. Their football team has some athletes and I know that’s transferring over to the basketball program.

I think Bloomfield gets beat again tonight by Linton, but they probably won’t drop too many more spots if they do lose.

Southern Indiana Top 25 Boys Basketball Team Rankings – IHSAA

  1. Jennings County (4A, 12-1)
  2. North Daviess (3A, 12-2)
  3. Linton-Stockton (2A, 12-1)
  4. Brownstown Central (2A, 9-3)
  5. Heritage Hills (3A, 9-2)
  6. Orleans (1A, 10-1)
  7. Corydon Central (3A, 10-2)
  8. Connersville (3A, 9-3)
  9. Greensburg (3A, 8-4)
  10. Scottsburg (3A, 10-2)
  11. New Albany (4A, 8-3)
  12. Bloomfield (1A, 11-2)
  13. Eastern Pekin (2A, 10-2)
  14. South Spencer (2A, 11-1)
  15. Sullivan (2A, 10-3)
  16. Evansville Bosse (3A, 8-3)
  17. Southwestern Hanover (2A, 12-2)
  18. Evansville Memorial (3A, 7-3)
  19. Loogootee (1A, 9-4)
  20. South Knox (2A, 7-4)
  21. Columbus North (4A, 8-5)
  22. Batesville (3A, 8-4)
  23. Lawrenceburg (3A, 8-3)
  24. Evansville Reitz (4A, 7-2)
  25. Providence (2A, 7-3)

Others receiving consideration

Paoli (2A, 7-2), Edinburgh (1A, 7-5),  Evansville Christian (1A, 7-6), Boonville (3A, 7-5), Castle (4A, 6-4), South Dearborn (3A, 10-4), North Decatur (2A, 8-3), Henryville (2A, 7-3)

Southern Indiana IHSAA Boys Basketball Sectional Chart Analysis

Below we’re going to share chart analysis for each of the Southern Indiana sectionals. This analysis is like the football prediction charts we made. Make sure to scroll through each picture to get an idea of how teams are performing compared to their sectional competition.

Each picture shows a sectional grouping. The colored bars signify the team’s average point differential. The higher the better. The line represents the teams win/loss ratio. So if a team has a big green bar and a high line, that means they’re winning games by a lot of points.

This is one of the ways we come up with our Top 25 Poll. We also look at the teams strenth of schedule. Let us know what you think in the comments. And please remember to like and share, it helps our mission to shine the light on great Southern Indiana boys basketball teams. Thank you for reading. Make sure to check back for the lastest Indiana Basketball sporting news.

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