May 21, 2024
Southern Indiana High School Basketball Top 25 Teams Week 4

North Daviess Jaylen Mullen in 2021 Regionals

Top 25 Boys Basketball Teams in Southern Indiana - SISN Top 25

It is Week 4 in the Indiana high school basketball season, and we have released our latest Top 25 Southern Indiana Boys Basketball teams. Take a look at the list below and let us know what you think in the comments.

SISN Top 25 – Week 4

  1. Brownstown Central (2A, 5-1)
  2. North Daviess (3A, 5-0)
  3. Linton-Stockton (2A, 4-1)
  4. Orleans (1A, 4-0)
  5. Evansville Christian (1A, 4-2)
  6. Jennings County (4A, 5-0)
  7. South Knox (2A, 4-0)
  8. Bloomfield (1A, 5-1)
  9. Heritage Hills (3A, 4-1)
  10. New Albany (4A, 4-0)
  11. Bloomington North (4A, 3-2)
  12. Paoli (2A, 3-0)
  13. Loogootee (1A, 4-2)
  14. Evansville Reitz (4A, 2-0)
  15. Scottsburg (3A, 5-1)
  16. Lawrenceburg (3A, 2-1)
  17. North Decatur (2A, 3-0)
  18. Edinburgh (1A, 4-1)
  19. Columbus North (4A, 4-2)
  20. Franklin County (3A, 5-0)
  21. Sullivan (2A, 4-1)
  22. Eastern Pekin (2A, 4-1)
  23. South Spencer (2A, 5-0)
  24. Evansville Bosse (3A, 4-1)
  25. Bloomington South (4A, 3-2)

Bloomington North dropped from the top spot after suffering a couple losses. They’re still a good team but are they really competing to their potential? Or is their potential not that high? With a Vanderbilt recruit on the team, we would ask for an unbeaten record at this point early in the season.

Brownstown Central takes over that top spot. I may fan out a little for this team, but I’ve seen them play a few times and know that its not just Benter that’s a threat. I mean, he is my top Southern Indiana player, but there is a good team around him, with Parker Hehman and Chase Coomer leading that support.

Should Brownstown or North Daviess have got that top spot? We probably should learn from the football season to not pick against North Daviess. Regardless, North Daviess will sit at 2. The Cougars pulled off an impressive win against 3A reigning champion Beech Grove 40-38. If Chris was writing, he probably would put North Daviess up there.

This weekend the games slow down a bit, probably in anticipation of the tournament coming up next week, so there probably shouldn’t be too much movement on the list. The biggest game in my opinion is the Orleans at New Albany game, it will be an early tone setter for both teams. If Orleans can win that game, it will solidify their spot in the SISN Top 5, and those other official rankings discussions.

Thank you for reading. I’m currently on working on the Boys Basketball player rankings and hope to have them out this week. Stay tuned!

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