June 18, 2024
Indiana High School Boys Basketball Player Rankings

Paoli's Trey Rominger

Indiana High School Boys Basketball Player Rankings - Entire State ranked - SISN Basketball - Who's at the top of Indiana Basketball?

The rankings below feature all boys’ basketball players from the entire state of Indiana. Well, those teams who enter stats onto Maxpreps for their players. If you are a coach, or have approval from the school, and would like to send us stats, please send us an email at SINSportsNetwork@gmail.com or send us a message on Facebook.

It’s a shame that not every team enters stats, but as the season progresses more teams will be interested in getting their players on our list. There’s nothing else out there like it. We hope you enjoy it. Please share the website link on social media to help us spread the light on some of these great Indiana basketball players.

We grade field goals attempted, FGs made, 3-pointers made, rebounds, assists, steals, fouls, and turnovers. Scoring all those factors together, we come up with a number that ranks every player together with their peers.

Who’s at the top of Indiana High School Basketball?

21st Century Charter’s Ashton Williamson is currently sitting at the top of the state. Ashton was a beast all last year, and he’s continuing to be dominant. Williamson is averaging close to a triple double early in the season.

Mason Jones from Valparaiso is sitting at the second spot, touting 25 points per game and 10 rebounds. Valparaiso also has Jack Smiley at the 20th spot in the State of Indiana, which means this Valpo teams is probably pretty good.

Other big names we’re tracking on the top of the list are Trent Sisley from Heritage Hills, Josiah Dunham from Evansville Christian, and of course Flory Bidunga, who has everyone excited. Flory is sitting at 14th in state based on our list.

There are several players who’s team do not enter stats onto maxpreps. We hate that they’re not on here, but I wanted to least give some of them a shoutout. These guys are Southern Indiana basketball players that we think would be pretty high up on this list.

  • Jack Benter (Brownstown Central)
  • Joey Hart (Linton)
  • Trey Rominger (Paoli)
  • Fletcher Cole (Paoli)
  • Peyton Bledsoe (Loogootee)
  • Jaylin Mullen and the entire North Daviess squad

I know there’s more out there and we hope to get them added to the list soon.

Please follow the links below to access the rankings.

Indiana High School Boys Basketball Player Rankings

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